Andrew McCarthy: Mueller’s testimony will not give Democrats what they crave. Can they handle it?


Prepare to be disappointed.

That should be Democrats’ mindset heading into Robert Mueller’s appearance this week before two House committees. The greater the anticipation of the testimony, the more the letdown is apt to be.

That is because the special counsel simply is not going to give them what they crave.

Democrats want Mueller to say he would have charged President Trump with obstruction of justice were it not for Justice Department guidance instructing that a sitting president may not be indicted. Mueller cannot say that without contradicting his report and his statements at a late May press conference.

He is not going to do that.

Mueller abdicated on the obstruction question. Mind you, at the time he took over the Russia-gate investigation on May 17, 2017, there were already strong indications that there was no cyber-espionage conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin to interfere in the 2016 election. In essence, what he assumed was more an obstruction than a collusion investigation. Indeed, just days earlier, according to former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, the FBI had opened an obstruction investigation against the president based on the May 9 firing of the Bureau’s then-director, James Comey.

I never believed a special counsel was legally or factually warranted. But if we assume for argument’s sake that a special counsel was necessary, then the single central issue he was needed to resolve was: Is there a prosecutable obstruction case against the president?

Yet, after putting the country through a nearly two-year probe, Mueller declined to answer that question. The Democrats’ devout wishes notwithstanding, he cannot answer it now because of how he avoided answering it four months ago when he submitted his report.

To be sure, Mueller’s tortuous explanation is as risible as it is tough to follow. more here

7 Comments on Andrew McCarthy: Mueller’s testimony will not give Democrats what they crave. Can they handle it?

  1. The smellocrats cannot handle anything
    not congruent with their leftist extremism.

    Who knows what Mueller will say.

    But he will say anything and everything
    to save his own ASS !

    He might have to divulge the
    smellocrat treachery to destroy
    President Trump
    and concoct a fictitious scheme of
    election interference to do so.


    Who Knows

    I don’t think he will put himself
    on the sacrificial altar to protect
    the smellocrats

  2. Can they handle it? Of course not!

    How could Mueller possibly come up with anything new? It’s all out in the open, and both sides have had the chance to tear it apart. What new would he add tomorrow? If anything new came up the obvious question would be why wasn’t it in the report? And he has already stated that the report is his comprehensive statement. Nope, nothing tomorrow for the left, although they will cling to the same fantasies.

  3. I will try to clear my schedule for tomorrow. This could be interesting to say the least.

  4. What do Democrats crave? Brawndo. Because Brawndo has electrolytes. And because Democrats have an I.Q. of less than a water-starved plant.


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