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To Prove You’re Not a Bot…

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  1. Biden’s team will probably make the claim that he declassified them AFTER he became president and there was some clerical or custody error. Which we all know is pure horse shit, but they will try.

  2. “None dare call it Treason.”
    The “authorities” are all Treasonous dogs – FBI, DOJ, NSA, &c. – so nothing will come of this.
    Just as the GESTAPO and the SS were the final arbiters of GESTAPO and SS investigations into criminal mischief by the GESTAPO and SS, Merrick Garland will decide “I see NOTHING!”

    Greasy, greedy, duplicitous lawyers gnawing at the hinges will not open this box.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. The human trafficker Joe Biden made an entire career of scamming, lying, cheating, stealing, defrauding, embezzling, molesting, falsifying, targeting, race segregating and more.

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