Tomorrow’s the day comedian youtuber, Count Dankula, might get jail time for teaching his dog the Nazi salute

Now’s the time to teach him to give the middle toe.

Dankula is a jerk, but jail time?

The jails aren’t as overcrowded as people are claiming, apparently. If there’s room for this there is no crisis.

20 Comments on Tomorrow’s the day comedian youtuber, Count Dankula, might get jail time for teaching his dog the Nazi salute

  1. Mah fellow Americans. We need to get something straight. Right now. Our special relationship with England has evolved. The next time another European power decides it’s again time to bomb London (I’m lookin at you Vlad), the English people need to know that we will not hesitate, this time we will not delay, to lend/lease them our thoughts and prayers. No high capacity assault revolvers. No minced ham in a can. Just our strongest thoughts and prayers.

  2. Looks like a pugnacious version of “shake boy”……

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  3. 30 Years ago, this Dog could have been on the Cover of the Nat’l

    Lampoon, or Mad Magazine…and only the Fringe Loonies would

    have been offended

    Now it’s a Jail-able Offense…

    Somehow the Fringe Loonies are running the show.

  4. As a 10-year-old I dressed up as Hitler on Halloween and went trick or treating. A lot of the older people in our town came from Yugoslavia. You should have seen the look on their faces.

  5. The dog being complicit, should get time too (sarc)
    The so called big deal is what he says to prompt the dog to ‘salute’
    Give me twenty minutes and plenty of delicious meaty snacks, and I will have that dog raising his hand in response to:
    “Who wants to go to the Vet and have their balls cut off?”

  6. Wow. Taking down the video and publicly apologizing wasn’t enough, huh? Are they going to euthanize him and girlfriend’s dog, too?

  7. Pretty sure the dog doesn’t know it’s a nazi salute.

    I’m not saying this was brilliant move, but many of these same self-righteous people outraged about this dog teach their children hatred and contempt for anyone who disagrees with them, give them profane signs with violent threats on them to carry, and feed them disgusting bullshit to spew for any available camera. I’d rather see the dog sieg heil.


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