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‘Too lazy, too fat, too stupid’: Home Depot founder slams workers in modern economy

JustTheNews: The billionaire co-founder of Home Depot is slamming what he says is a poor work ethic among laborers today, claiming that “nobody gives a damn” about job performance in the present-day economy.

“’Nobody works. Nobody gives a damn,” Bernie Marcus told the Financial Times in an interview this week.

In a jeremiad against what he claimed were insufficiently motivated workers, Marcus mimicked them: “Just give it to me. Send me money. I don’t want to work – I’m too lazy, I’m too fat, I’m too stupid.”

The business tycoon claimed to the Times that his highly successful hardware chain would never realize the same level of growth and popularity in the modern economy. 

“We would end up with 15, 16 stores,” he said. “I don’t know that we could go further.”

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  1. On the rare occasion I encounter someone in a store that gives a crap and actually goes out of their way to help me, I always let them know how much it is appreciated. Then, I find their boss and let them know which employee went out of their way to help me. More than ever, good help is hard to find.

  2. A young lady at Home Depot climbed a huge ladder to the top of a display shelf and brought down a Christmas lighted display we wanted. She then got the manager and got us 10% off because it was a demo. The damn thing was taller than her I think. I offered to help but she said it was no problem.

    Took a survey later and praised her to the heavens. they always want to know about employees who go “above and beyond”.

  3. My 2023 Wish

    Home Depot CEO looking for a Legacy

    Mr. Marcus

    Call Me
    Let Me show you What I Built
    Over Time
    Going back to 1993
    No Phone Though
    Call Me
    You have More Tools and Resources than Me
    Call Me

    I have Plans and need Help building Them
    Call Me Mr. Marcus

  4. Dr. Hambone,

    i do the same thing. Call the bigger guys and tell them that such & such did a GREAT JOB & makes my life easier.

    At my GOOD suppliers, I stop by a Christmas & drop bottles of Good Quality Booze. Its funny how I get first calls when tough to get parts suddenly come in a couple weeks early.

  5. It’s endemic I’ve been in both Lowe’s and Home Depot in several stores and have found it’s not the store but the local staff. Living in Yuma AZ I’ve found the staff if both stores to be very helpful and knowledgeable. So DON’T BLAME THE STORE you may live in an area where they have a hard time finding workers that actually give a shit!

    My brother is one of those who has a problem no matter who he deals with I don’t care if it’s home improvement centers or restaurants, It’s like there’s a black cloud always over his head. I felt bad but I had to tell him that MAYBE just maybe all of his misfortune is because he’s and ASSHOLE! I love him of course but I’m family so I have to.

  6. I find you get what you give. If I’m in a pissy mood I find more unmotivated store clerks. If I’m upbeat most are more than happy to step up their game. For the low lifes that can’t say hello or thank you I say “HELLO” or
    “YOUR WELCOME” loudly. That gets their attention. If they’re going to be rude so am I!

  7. The “loyal” supporters of Canadian truckers, join with the transnational billionaire renter, of a United States government bureau license, to complain about the quality of American chattel.

    And wonder why (some) Americans will help push you into the boxcars. Even if they have to close the doors behind themselves.

  8. This kind of shit was going on in DC C&P/A BELL ATLANTIC COMPANY when I started in 1996. 1996 was about the end of the era of Bell System employees. There were the guys who talked bad shit about, “Bell heads”.

    “Oh, he’s just an old Bell head, never mind him.”

    So the new guys who were ready to work, and actually wanted the job, were put with stupid, fat scumbags as ride-alongs. Learn your job from a scumbag who doesn’t want to do anything… hates his subscribers, hates the Company, and hates himself. Great idea.

    My point is shit was going downhill in the middle 90s. I moved on to ABC and was asked by Jane why I wanted to leave Verizon. My answer was simply, “They won’t let me do my job.”

  9. Yea, He’s probably right. I just left a chain store, & people don’t want to work, & those that do are made to feel bad about their energy, and enthusiasm for the job. Not to mention, Can you imagine that the new generation coming up will have ANY desire to renovate their homes (If they can get one), or start renovation businesses. It’s all falling down around our ears.

  10. I don’t use Home Depot – I use the other one – and I hate to say it, but the only guy who knew what was going on, gave a shit, and helped customers was a messican named Arthur.

    Sad, but true (or, at least, factual – though I have to admit that I didn’t interact with EVERY employee).

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Finding good help has always been a big issue, even in better times.
    If there’s no example of work ethic around (Like a Dad, for instance), how will it be learned?

  12. Generally, I try to give all my business to our (very) local ACE Hardware. Five Corners ACE, to be exact. They’ve been operating out of the same location for about 100 years. I love going there where I’m met by the same core of long-time employees and the owner (who is there most days running the register, bagging purchases, and doing paint matches). I love the old, squeaky wood floors, the old tin bins, and the prices — which compete with the Orange and the Blue big boxes. I love being called by name, talking about the weather and the neighborhood news, and being asked, sincerely, “how are you doing?” Many’s the time I’ve spent deep in conversation for several minutes before I think to ask what I came in for! All that and I get a trade discount.

    ‘Tis mostly true that young(er) people are disinterested in the values that made companies great; service to others, pride in their work, loyalty to employers, and the ability to listen to anyone to gain knowledge about their job. Sad to say.

  13. …but if you want some old timey GREAT customer service, save your tire buying for a trip to Les Schwab. The employees still come running to greet you — even if all you need is free air for a low tire.

  14. We are building a house, and it has been a nightmare. The white guys show up (when they do show up) mid-morning, works slow, take a half dozen or more breaks, and leave around 3:30. Meanwhile the Mexicans show up before sun up, in the freezing cold, work like dogs all day, singing and laughing, and don’t go home until it’s too dark to see. The problem is the work “ethic” of the white guys is starting to run off on the Mexicans. Sorry guys, just my experience.

  15. Tony,

    Same shit I have noticed.
    The last 3 guys that have done GREAT work for us were Iranian.
    The Biggest Useless Fuck was White City Idiot.
    The farm boys are Good Though.

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