Top 10 Contradictions Of The Left

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  1. Hillary is exonerated because she didn’t intend to do what she did.

    Trump didn’t do anything, but he intended to do what he didn’t do, so he needs to be impeached.

  2. People on the left hate cops, but call the cops to arrest anybody who says “niggardly” or “slippery slope” or “chink in the armor” or “there’s a nip in the air”.

  3. To those on the left contradictions are like personal hygiene, something that they don’t fuss too much over.

  4. All tax raising schemes are couched in terms of “it’s for the children”, but murder 40% of black babies before they are born.

    Shoot. I could do these all night long.

  5. Regarding climate change you must ‘trust the science.
    Evolution? Same thing.

    Gender? XX vs. XY vs. XYZ+++?

    There are 56 genders and 57 States.

    Liberals. Bad at math and, fortunately, bad at the reproductive arts.

  6. The left complains when they think there are too few Black people somewhere yet is happy aborting hundreds of thousands of Blacks each year.

  7. They say we should all coexist.
    Then they say they’ll trow allayouse punk-ass right-wing bitches down da stairs.

  8. Photo ID somehow discriminates against people of color.
    You need a photo ID to access the Democrat National Convention.
    You need a photo ID to obtain your SNAP card.
    You need a photo ID to board an airplane.
    You need a photo ID to get into Disneyland.
    You get a free photo ID when you are booked into jail.

  9. Judging women on the basis of appearance is sexist.
    Michelle Obama is the most beautiful woman in the world. (LOL)

  10. Dan Quayle misspelled “potato” = He is an idiot.
    Barack Obama mispronounces Corpsman = he is a genius.
    Joe Biden can’t remember his own name = That’s just good old Joe

  11. Donald Trump has his picture taken one time with Jeffrey Epstein = Trump is best friends with the child molester.

    Bill Clinton flies to Pedo Island over 2 dozen times, is identified by a witness as having sex with minors, and appears in multiple photos with Jeffrey Epstein = Clinton was once an acquaintance of Epstein.

  12. Trump is Hitler, but Antifa – who act like the German Brownshirts of the 1930s – are peaceful anti-Trump protestors.

  13. Tony R AUGUST 17, 2019 AT 6:43 PM

    You get a free photo ID when you are booked into jail.

    I smiled at that last one. Then it turned into a Laugh grenade when I remembered we used a BiL’s recent booking pic to get a land bill of sale notarized at the court house a decade ago.

    It’s true! You can use it an ID. Probably better than a card.

  14. Liberals believe in free speech so long as you say only what they want to hear.

  15. The finances of millions of Americans must be devastated to defeat Donald Trump, on whose watch the economy flourished.

  16. A young girl behaves differently than boys, plays with dolls, and wears dresses and makeup; the Left says this is all the product of Patriarchal bigotry and oppression imposing itself upon society.

    A young boy behaves differently from other boys, plays with dolls, and wears dresses and makeup. The Left says these characteristics prove the boy is really a girl and celebrates the boy as one who has been liberated from the oppression and bigotry of Patriarchal society.


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