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Top Democrats Openly State Their Fear of Kari Lake


David Plouffe, the architect of Barack Obama’s 2008 victory, told Axios that Lake looks like a “plausible presidential candidate.”

  • David Axelrod, another key former Obama adviser, offered this assessment of Lake’s 20+ years in Arizona local TV before her entrance last year into politics: “If you get a candidate who has the performance skills of a major market local TV anchor and the philosophy and thinking of Steve Bannon, that’s a potent and dangerous combination … Look at Italy.”


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  1. “…look at Italy.”

    Yah, just LOOK at it! The Left has no idea how high the conservative’s bar is these days. They are uncharacteristically right about something, though. They have a reason to fear.

  2. “plausible presidential candidate.”

    How about waiting until she wins something first before the coronation?

  3. They have to label her a “election denier”. I don’t think she’s like Al Gore, Hillary, or Big Stacy at all.

  4. Rich Taylor — I was surprised the writer even mentioned anything about her politics. All they usually see is race, class, sex/gender. Then they plot the intersectionality analysis along an X/Y graph. Then they weight rank and plot the would-be candidate’s many scandals, decades’ old social media comments on a separate graph and overlay the two.

    Kari checks important Lefty boxes: Woman, grew up poor (so she says), and she could pass for latino (that didn’t stop them from changing kamala’s ethnicity).

    We’ve learned the Lefty Dems don’t care who the person is; it’s who they can make them into in the eyes of voters that counts.

  5. Wild Bill

    The Press has had 2 sets of standards for at least 62 years.

    Have you ever seen or read BHO is racist?

  6. On excepting the election results, she should have answered with “It depends on if you commie bitches get caught cheating again!!!”

  7. @AA

    Anybody that listens to Kari speak for more than 2 minutes can’t help but notice how charismatic, articulate and knowledgable she is on the issues, her presence commands attention and this is why the lefties are so worried.

    I remember Obama’s speech at the DNC convention in 2004, it was clear his star was on the ascent. Kari is in a similar position but if she loses next month she is overturned in a ditch with steam coming out of her radiator.

  8. She scares the hell out of democrat operatives…but she’s an election denier.

    She exposes the hypocrisy of the left…but she’s an election denier.

    She’s not beholden to the oligarch class that seeks to control the world…but she’s an election denier.

    She exposes the media for being propaganda mouthpieces of the left…but she’s an election denier.

    I could go on, but do you see a pattern here? The left doesn’t have much to present, do they.

  9. “…I bet her husband puts the toilet seat down. Every single time!…”

    What are you saying there Brad? Simply a joke, or that only a compliant, submissive man could be married to her? I hope the former.

  10. @Beachmom
    OCTOBER 16, 2022 AT 5:17 PM
    “DeSantis/ Lake 2028”

    I just imagined a debate between Kari and Kamala. Haha

  11. Bull. This is all drama and play acting. The bastards are going to cheat, the fix is in, and all the people making concerned noises about losing know it, and all the so called Conservatives who should be fighting to stop it, are part of the scam. SOSDE.

  12. Put the seat down? Hell, I have to put the lid down too. My wife just had to have a cat and the damn thing thinks toilet water is just great.

  13. @Rich Taylor — Yes, anyone who values those characteristics does see Lake’s value. I’m saying the Left doesn’t care as much about those things as they care about superficial “optics” of race/sex/gender/class. MTG, for example: is a woman, but she’s too white. MTG is just as able to stand before a forest of mics and give back as good as she takes. Same for Lauren Boebert.

    I’m rooting for Lake. I think she’s the real deal. She’s flat out fearless, and if she was a skunk she’d leave the unasked questions alone — which she doesn’t. She invites a thorough inspection of her platform by all comers.

  14. @Jill October 16, 2022 at 7:55 pm

    You’re too intelligent for the readers of this site, so please do us all a favor and share your wit, wisdom and insight over at HuffPo, or or other similarly enlightened websites. we are not worthy.

  15. @Jill

    If your implication is that Kari is more of a man than that limp-dicked, daughter-molesting, never been right in his life, plagiarizing lying coward who is so dumb and senile that he shakes hands with air, sorry excuse for a president, then yes, I have to agree with you.

  16. “Top Democrats Openly State Their Fear of Kari Lake”

    Even bottom of the barrel democrats. For example, see Jill, above.

  17. joe6, I’ve always felt that closing the lid on the toilet is the proper thing to do.

    Then wash your hands.
    Who can argue with that?

  18. Remember last election when it took a week for Arizona’s election results?
    And Fox claimed a biden* victory prior to the polls closing…

    Good times!

  19. I’ll start putting the toilet seat down and close the lid, as soon as the wife moves the car seat back when she is through driving.

    Just kidding honey! Ha ha

  20. Just another election denier, just a bad as the woke crap. Needs a shorter haircut. We know who wears the pants in her family.

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