Trans female activist furious at Sonic Drive-In workers who said ‘sir’ during order – IOTW Report

Trans female activist furious at Sonic Drive-In workers who said ‘sir’ during order

Butthurt response-

— now company is launching investigation,

Blaze: Transgender female activist Eden Torres claimed the “entire staff” at a Sonic Drive-In used the word “sir” during Torres’ order — and the activist also complained of being “faced with discrimination” while at the fast-food restaurant, which apparently is in Houston.

Torres posted a pair of videos Saturday on Twitter that captured the activist’s interaction with what apparently is a management-level employee — and Torres let him have it.

The transgender woman told the manager that “your entire staff has been calling me sir” and asked him, “tell me, what we can do now?”

As the pair argued — Torres behind the wheel of a car, and the manager standing outside — Torres asked the man, “What about me looks like a ‘sir’ right now?”

The manager apologized, and Torres explained that Sonic staffers “saw the [masculine] name on my credit card” — which presumably led to them figuring Torres gender is male and them subsequently using the word “sir” during the ordering process. READ MORE

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  1. “Asshole” is pretty androgynous. So in order to avoid an argument, just switch to asshole.

  2. I wish the terminology would update for old farts like myself. When I hear “trans female,” I still have to ask myself if it’s an actual female pretending to be a man, or the other way around. Never had any confusion with “trannies” and “bull dykes.”

  3. Don’t like “sir”?
    How about “fucker”, “shit stain”, or (as Wyatt suggested) “asshole”? Would “cocksucker” work for ya? Those are all fairly (or un-fairly) gender neutral.
    I’m sure that I could come up with many more equally gender neutral and insulting names to match.
    Why is it that those who preach “tolerance” the most, are the first to be insulted at any and every little little innocent error, and are those that are the most INtolerant?

  4. That pseudo human specimen would be ugly in a Hog pen! If he entered a Hog beauty contest he would come in last!

  5. I will not take part in their delusion. If you’re born with guy junk you are and always will be a guy. Same goes for gals.

  6. So it’s a hate crime to not be “trans-competent.”

    Well excuuuuse me for not knowing the personal details of your life.

    Wouldn’t it be just as much of a hate crime to not be “biology-competent?”

    Ahh silly question. Facts don’t matter.

  7. If “it” was truly serious about the gender change, then “it” would change “it’s” name to one of the female persuasion. Maybe Sonic, after they screw over the employees because of this transgression (get it, “trans” gression) maybe they will instruct their employees to just say “thank you, customer,” “here is your order, customer.” No more sir, or ma’am, or miss, or whatever.

  8. HE is mentally ill and allowed to run around freely in society spreading HIS ignorant, sick perversion.

    I say just remove the problem, kill it with fire.

  9. “What about me looks like a sir, right now?”

    I would have died laughing if he said “adam’s apple” or “razor stubble.”

    You just can’t win with these mental f***s.

  10. The words that I speak are my words I will not be coerced to use what ever cocked-up language that you insist on. as previously said there are some better descriptive word that can be used.

  11. The Sonic manager can’t respond appropriately because he is being recorded. If he were to ask him about his plumbing and tell him that he is biologically a male he would be torched on social media.

    THat is the big problem here. These f-tards can’t have a conversation without recording it for their ‘gotcha’ moment.

    Just another reason to hate people.

  12. Q: If the name on the credit card is a man’s name, but the cardholder is dressed in women’s clothes, how can you tell if said cardholder is a transvestite using male pronouns, or a transgender using female pronouns?

    A#1: You can’t, not without asking.

    A#2: I really don’t give a damn anyway.

  13. “What about me looks like a ‘sir’ right now?”

    I’m going with the facial hair shadow that cannot be coveredup by any amount of makeup.
    I’m pretty sure Kam’s stepdaughter gets the same treatment.

  14. The headline should read, “man dressed in women’s clothes, furious at staff who called it sir.

  15. And another thing. If he’s using a credit card with a man’s name on it, but pretending to be female, isn’t that fraud?

  16. Why did the manager apologize?
    The frikkin pervert should apologize.
    The manager should have banned it from Sonic – or shot it in the face.
    What cowards we’ve become.

    izlamo delenda est …

  17. “Torres asked the man, “What about me looks like a ‘sir’ right now?””
    Nothing, you never get to “sir” status in a first place, ah and that little thing called dick or what’s left of it between your legs, you cocksucker.

  18. Shaddap, fag!… No one gives a fuck what your pervert nazi ass call itself this week. You’re a dude. So, you’ll be called thoroughly undeserved title of “sir” because the company handbook does allow you to be called the far more accurate “faggot asshole from hell”.

  19. Sonic employee should have rejected the card and asked for another form of payment. If the card says George Jetson but you don’t see a guy that’s potentially fraud. We have one set of credit card accounts but my wife’s card is in her name.

    If Dipwad wants to play dress up and be a girl he needs to go all the way and get new ID and credit cards in his cosplay name.

  20. I wonder how long that queer has been driving around town looking for someone to call out the wrong pronoun.

    If you demand to be precise, then act/dress precise or wear a fucking pronoun tag.

  21. Doc: “Sir, I have bad news”
    Transgender: “I identify as a woman, why don’t you respect that I am a woman, you transphobic doctor?”
    Doc: “My apologies, ma’am, but you have prostate cancer.”

    Yea, oldie but goodie.

  22. What makes me sick is that Sonic HQ automatically assumes the guilt of the manager and employees.

    No facts, only innuendo and Sonic automatically executes the employees involved who are no doubt Hispanic.

    If I were the manager I would have reversed the curse and ask the tranny why he was discriminating against Hispanics. Fight fire with fire.

    The only way to defeat one entitled tribe is to be a member of another entitled tribe.

  23. You can grow breasts, cut your dicky-doo off, fashion a vagina, take multiple hormones but you can never change the voice to sound like a woman.

  24. When I’ve been neck deep in a project, my hair tied back, my overalls covered in sanding dust and paint, no makeup, doesn’t look like I’ve showered in a week. . .yeah, I’ve been called “sir”. Maybe I’ve been missing an oppportunity to sue someone! But I’m sure if I caught myself in a mirror at these times I’d probably call myself “sir”! LOL!

    Hate crime? No. Thought Police.

  25. I did that at Mary Brown’s Fried Chicken a couple months ago, except it was not a Trannie, just a really shit ugly broad with a voice like a Offensive Lineman and a face to match.

  26. Restaurant greeters used to address my wife and me with a generic “you guys” and my 4’ 11” 90 pound wife is unquestionably a very feminine woman. That was old school. I’m not sure how they do the greetings without offending someone.

    How is all this idiotic stuff going on in Spanish where everything has an assigned gender and specific article, e.g., “la mesa” is feminine even when referring to a table. If it ends in “a” or “as” (plural) it is feminine. If it ends I “o” or “os” (plural) is masculine.

  27. Those trannies are actually society’s lowlies, unachieved, unaccomplished, non-entities who hate their own lives and families and who can’t make it in society. They must pretend to be someone else—like many of hollywood self-proclaimed self-congratulating laughable ‘celebrities’.

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