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Joe Biden Distracted By Ice Cream Truck

h/t Jason

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  1. That’s great!

    It’s actually sad that we have to put up with a (non)functional moron, but we can’t do much else!!

  2. I too would rather chase an Ice Cream truck then have to listen to old doc Jilly emote!

  3. In a natural world Joe Biden would just wander off and die of starvation.

  4. (((Chase the truck, or grope the kid… Chase the truck, or grope the kid…Chase the truck! The kid will still be there when I get back.)))

  5. It’s got to be a joke…isn’t it? He’s playing it for laughs. Maybe. OTOH he’s an imbecile and needs his ice cream cone.

  6. Funny. Because it’s believable.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Reminds me of one of the most insipid songs of the seventies: “Playground In My Mind”.

    Now try to get that song out of your head all day lol

  8. What’s really frightening is that he actually wandered off in that video, and the shopped-in ice cream truck actually makes sense of it all.

    And even more frightening, he actually groped the kid, but it was before he wandered off. “No joke” as Mad Joe would say.

    This video actually sanitized the old perv.

  9. More like he’d chase a prepubecent girl, sniff her, and rape her later while any of a dozen lawless “federal law enforcement” agencies hold her down and get to take turns raping her themselves after the Pedodent breaks her unwilling hymen, with a sex toy if he can’t get it up.

    You know, like the pedophile he is, and the enablers they are.

    I WISH you could distract that old fucking infected pervert with ice cream.

    But no, he’s there to chew gum and select the children he’s going to rape tonight.

    And he’s all out of gum.

  10. Aide #1: “Crap… he’s walking this way…”
    Aide #2: “Nononono! Go BACK, sir. Go BACK!”
    Aide #1: “It’s not ice cream time yet!”
    Aide #2: “Remember Miss Jill? Over there talking? She’ll tell you when it’s time for ice cream… There you go! Good boy!”

  11. When he catches the ice cream truck does he bite the tires? Does he pee on the tires first?

  12. I’m sorry, I did not see it the same way.

    I thought Dr. President Jill did a great job speaking despite Joe Turnip walking around looking for a kid to grope.

  13. Attention thirdtwin: ‘MY NAME IS BIDEN, I’VE GOT A NICKEL…..” (playground in my mind, song on utoob)

  14. Many ice cream trucks are notorious as sly pedophiles trying to lure in kids. Appropriate for Joe Biden.


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