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Doctor Sees Unusual Structures in Ill Post-Jab Patient’s Blood

This is weird and concerning. Doctors she’s shown the samples to cannot explain what they are seeing. She invites anyone to tell her.


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  1. This “Doctor” is full of shit. There is no such thing as a Ph.D in alternative medicine. Dr. Phil has more credibility.

  2. Because I didn’t know I did a quick search and there is a PHD in alternative medicine. The entire first page of results were schools and doctors.

  3. Nonetheless BFH,

    “Scientists from Wuhan and the US were planning to create new coronaviruses that did not exist in nature, it has emerged.

    Proposals show they planned to combine the genetic codes of other viruses…”

  4. It is my belief that this virus was engineered to specifically target the elderly and those who are in poor health, as that seems to be the only ones who die. China doesn’t give a shit about their people, especially their elderly. The elderly are no longer producers, just consumers. In the west, you have the elderly and infirm on mediocre and social security, essentially getting government aid (in the government’s view) if they virus only kills those who don’t produce, then it’s a plus for the government.

    Tin hat time—Also, remember that the Bilderburg types only want a worldwide population of about 500 million.

  5. I’m very interested in understanding why someone rejects, out-of-hand, this and other doctors and scientists who are revealing problems with “the jab”. The track record of those associated with the U.S. gov’t — for we know this is almost purely political — is highly suspect, putting it generously.

  6. If it quacks like a duck, it may be … a quack.

    This is total flim-flam stuff. Just look at this crap on her website:

    Scientific Multi Dimensional Health Practitioner
    Dr. Zandré Botha
    Ph.D Alt. MD [NO, SHE IS ***NOT*** AN MD!!!]

  7. Red Cross stopped collecting convalescent plasma donations June 14 (coincidentally, Donald Trump’s birthday and Flag Day), stating it was due to the decline in hospital demand and because they have been able to build a sufficient supply of convalescent plasma to meet the foreseeable needs of COVID-19 patients. Weird, since they keep trying to scare us with ‘spikes’ in cases…

    Current Red Cross policies on blood, platelet, and plasma donations:

    I’m thinking non-vaxxers need to start a private blood bank in case we need transfusions in the future…

  8. I know someone who regularly donates blood to the Red Cross, he’s jabbed, and they take his blood with no issues or refusal because of his jabbed status.

  9. Forget the weird disks for a minute…the mashed-up red blood cells are alarming. But I’m sure the experts have an explanation for that which renders it perfectly normal.

  10. @Illustr8r…

    From what I understand, they only usea certain part of the jabbed blood, and not the whole donation, as they would for the unjabbed blood. But I wouldn’t even want the part they deem safe. The Red Cross has lroven themselves to be as politically expedient as any transnational.

  11. There are hundreds of references on rouleau, red blood cells stacking like coins.

    I call her a fake. If she has spent decades looking at blood cells and claims she doesn’t know what she is looking at this is attention seeking behavior and trolling for new “patients”. Also, she is too stupid to do a web search.

    Any experienced person who deals with microscopic observations of human blood cells should know what this stacking is. There are lots of reasons for it.

  12. JMV

    “It is my belief that this virus was engineered to specifically target the elderly and those who are in poor health”

    Totally agree. The CDC occasionally mentions the obesity connection now. However with very little fanfare.

  13. Those black discs look magnetized. Is that why some people are now magnetic after the jab? In any case they’re trying to kill us all and replace us by opening the borders. We are so screwed.

  14. “Alternative Medicine” is crap like pyramid power, crystals and Indian healing herbs. I discount her “discovery” completely.

  15. Hmmmm.

    That’s why my dick went from a slight righty to a hard left hook.

  16. In this day and age one can get a degree in anything.
    BS = Bull Shit
    MS = More of the Same
    PHD = Piled Higher and Deeper.

  17. Although I was a student of the Walter McCrone Research Institute in Chicago, who passed the Polarized and Phase Contrast microscopy courses, I have never seen anything like this in the thousands of microscopic samples, over the many years, I had analyzed thereafter in professional life as a Lab Director.

    In the micro-graph video shown, it first appears as something familiar to me as common air bubbles developing between the Microscope slide and cover slip. However, I have never experienced ANYTHING similar to those metallic-looking bars or arms (or molecular, electronic attachment points) corresponding with, maybe carbon molecules.

    What is significantly different is that the assumed “air bubbles” appear all exactly the same size. In all my observations (from memory) is that the air bubbles were mostly different sizes. In this demonstration, they appear artificially matched in size and, likely weight.

    It’s just not normal to see something like this under polarized and phase contrast/bright field microscopic analyses. What is chilling is of the bars, or simetrical, tubular arms attaching the spheres together whenever they approach each other, mostly with six major attachment points to each “bubble”…and attracting as though through magnetic attraction at a close-enough distance where the arms, or bars, “connect”.

    Very strange. Very strange.


    Watched the video a second time. Still, although the “air bubbles” show up in slightly different sizes, they are too alike compared to the major size difference I have observed for air bubbles typically encountered.

    They appear more similar in size. It’s just, those connecting bars, or arms, and their deliberate movement that is so unusual. As if, they are alive or cognizant of their surroundings. Maybe, the drug companies can show a light.

    Just never seen anything like this, including through courses earning a degree in Chemistry. Nothing like this.

  19. pianamusic — A close friend of mine was present when her doctor son and daughter-in-law (DIL practices Alternative Medicine) demonstrated magnetic attachment on 2 people; one who had “the jab” and one not. The magnet stuck to the jabbed person’s arm; the other not. While certainly not enough of a sample to conclude anything — it makes one wonder how on earth someone becomes magnetized.

    About the odd particles: My lying eyes see something that is self-replicating and able to attach itself to the other particles.

  20. Hmmm. “Interesting” article on graphene oxide in major drug companies “vaccines”. Nanobots that self-replicate and self-assemble detected in the “medicine” as well as on nasal test swabs and masks.

    Don’t know a thing about nothing, but this has gripped my imagination. What will they come up with next? Hey! We’re talking about people who see nothing macabre about grafting aborted babies’ scalps to rats. C’mon.


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