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Trans Jazz Jennings Not Feeling Right

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  1. Using the mentally ill as a pathetic, sympathy bag is about as low as it goes. The fact of the matter is that all these enablers would scatter like roaches if the money dried up!
    Sadly nobody’s gonna pay her a nickle if she decides to go back, not that you really can, so she’s stuck on a one-way, dead end street and I think she knows it… but that won’t stop TLC/Discovery/Warner Bros from milking if for all it’s worth! Absolutely disgusting!!!

  2. Jazz started transitioning at 5!?!
    Seems to me, that evil mother, the pathetic excuse of a father, any physicians that participated and TLC should all be doing time for child abuse.

  3. What’s sad is that his mental illness was encouraged, enabled, and reinforced rather than being treated. His narcissism was fed by his (obviously) sick mother, greedy doctors, and exploitive hangers-on.

    Apparently there was no one in his life to tell him to “get over himself” and introduce him to God.

    His life will probably end as miserably as it’s being lived.
    Way too many children are being abandoned to the wiles of Satan.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. News flash: The Progressive Movement Seeks Out Vulnerable Individuals They Can Exploit.

    I have posted many times that they have absolutely no capacity for any of the Christian virtues they claim to have a monopoly on. They are subhuman filth whose miserable pathetic lives are completely given over to slaking their thirst for revenge on those they envy and resent. Which anyone who has found that which they will never know, how to live a joyful fulfilling life.

  5. That’s how all of the sheeple feel when they find truth.

    Huge betrayal by the woke, liberal, elitist, commie bastards.

    They run a skin game. But, I think I hear the “pipers” of freedom and sanity blowing.

    Clean your states voter rolls, laws, and regulations.

    WATCH THEM, THEY CHEAT in every way.

  6. Translate to – “My brain just told me that I am missing a big part of why I was born.” My penis feels like it’s still there and that I should be doing something with it to make me happy. If this is what a woman feels like, I don’t wanna be a woman, in fact, I’m not a woman, I’m a Eunuch. I see suicide in this guys future no doubt about it. Really, what do they have going for them? Zilch.

  7. If there is a tranny kid, there’s a weird mother behind it and a soy-boy dad, if any father is in the picture. Some sort of Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy. Mom has gotten rich off this and won’t let the tranny kid go back. Jazz is doomed. I’m guessing suicide within 2 years.


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