Trans Mender

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  1. is that ‘historical’ or ‘hysterical’?

    could be worse, I suppose … he could be raiding Mouse Obama’s wardrobe

  2. What’s he gonna do when Britain outlaws scissors and needles because of the rampaging mooselimb murderers?

  3. We have guys who dress old tyme western all the time out here.

    Course’, they all carry gunz so its more convincing.

    My only issue is that you can’t DO anything all dressed up like some pommy fop. Change your oil? Paint a house? Make a court appearance? Those all seem a bit out of reach for those outfits.

    Chainmail. That’s the new hot look for white people in Yurrup.

  4. People today dress so casually for even funerals and weddings now. I find it refreshing to see the opposite.

  5. That’s cool! Creating what he loves and building a business and earning a living. Good stuff. 👍

  6. Wicked cool! Of course, I still wear a coat and field scarf to church, so what do I know?

    I reckon it would be too bad if folks had to ‘dress-up” like grown-ups for a change.

    I’m sure it’s just me.

    Color me a failed god.

  7. I find repairing family member’s clothing is very rewarding. Would like to spend time actually creating, as well, but I’m not nearly as good as this young man.

  8. Cool. For some years I wore 3 piece suits in the telephone company as a Systems Tech. The customers appreciated it, and I think my 3rd level changed the dress code for COTs because I always wore a tie and she was sick of Big Johnson T-shirts and shorts on the COTs.

    Of course I also carried onesies for pole climbing and ceiling work, but some asshole did put up a photo of me in a suit sitting on a crow nest with a linesman belt.

  9. The idle Regency era in the UK was an aristocratic progressive’s dream. Unlike the USA, the UK lower classes at the time, had very limited upward mobility – they still do as subjects of the crown and not citizens with inalienable rights.
    So, what’s interesting is this guy is probably an aristocratic descendent living out a family legacy and making a profit from it – a bit ironic. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just an observation.
    He’s embracing a unique and creative, positive lifestyle that full fills an artistic niche and that’s a good thing.

  10. BFH is spot on. If a Betsy Ross flag is offensive because it MIGHT harken back to the days of old when slavery was legal then ANYTHING from the time period is therefore banned as racist.

  11. I love a well dressed person, especially men! I love dramas such as Downton Abbey, or the Phyrne Fisher Murder Mysteries, or Poirot from the BBC. Even on the series “Mad Men”, people dressed so much better. I hate when I see people shopping at the grocery store in their pyjamas or women wearing too tight, too short shorts. Most people need clothes to hide their physical flaws, especially as we age. It costs very little extra to dress well.


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