Trans MMA Fighter Who Beats Up Girls Named “Bravest Athlete In History” By Outsports


A biological male MMA fighter who presents as and competes against women has been named the “bravest athlete in history” by LGBT sports outlet Outsports.

Outsports contributor and LGBT sportswriter Cyd Zeigler published an article last Thursday about the importance of Fallon Fox’s success in the octagon. More

20 Comments on Trans MMA Fighter Who Beats Up Girls Named “Bravest Athlete In History” By Outsports

  1. A biological female who steps into the ring with a biological male fighter has already lost the true battle biological females should be fighting for, biological female true identity. Bogus mental gender identity needs its own class of gender identity to be fair to all involved.

  2. The progressive movement’s M.O. has always been to bully others. This really should come as a surprise to no one.

  3. Men who beat up on women should first have to qualify with a heavy weight boxer. 10 rounds every day for a week so they know what a punching bag feels like.

  4. A man who likes to wear womens panties is still a male regardless.
    This fruit with the gaping asshole should be put in the ring with another male boxer and then see how brave he is.

  5. Here’s the deal: transvestite men can fight women in the octagon, but the woman are allowed to us a baseball bat.

  6. The FEMALE MMA fighters should wait in the parking lot and group pound the living shit out of him/her/zer/zit until it retires from the sport.

    Ps. I know a guy in California with a cane.


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