Trans movement is ‘pushing ahead’ with medical interventions – IOTW Report

Trans movement is ‘pushing ahead’ with medical interventions

9 Comments on Trans movement is ‘pushing ahead’ with medical interventions

  1. The nazis often used xenotransplantations on their victims, which is what is happening today by the left with democrats advocating these monsterous experimentations, and under some false guise of ‘I-WANNA-BE-ME’ belief.

  2. They will eventually face their judgement and it won’t be pretty.
    This is devilish behavior and God will not be mocked.
    That’s what they’re doing. Mocking God’s creation.

  3. Jordan Peterson is now being severely blunt and has used the phrase, “cutting your kids balls off” in several interviews in order to be crystal clear about what is going on.

    His believes that the madness will stop ONLY if those encouraging the stupidity are made financially responsible for bad advice & negligence etc.

  4. Eunichs aren’t women… Eunichs arent men. They’re people who’ve had their reproductive organs excised. Back when eunuchs had not choice in the matter, it was an abomination. But, bear in mind, we’ve all, at some point in our lives, got sold on a bad product or bad idea that we regretted later. That “project car” that we couldn’t afford to fix nor even knew how to fix. That “fixer upper” home that was more termite shit than wood. That “hot chick” who turned out to be batshit crazy and dangerous.

    The problem is that you can recover from those mistakes of judgement. But when some dumbass kid or teenager gets gaslighted into thinking their the “wrong gender” and then agrees to be gelded or get an elective hysterectomy/mastectomy, they is no recovering from that. Such people grow up unable to achieve orgasm with continually bouts of urinary tract infections. And it was all done to push forward a satanic agenda to build an army of crazed eunuchs to terrorize the normies and to destroy any concept of family.

    When I see that smug cunt from Boston ***Childrens*** Hospital pushing this butchery, it makes me more certain than ever that those pushing this agenda deserve capital punishment for it. They are evil.

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  6. Honestly I would like to exactly know who in our Government is pushing this trans propaganda? Whoever they are they have far reach and deep tentacles that go into the FDA, the psychiatry and pediatric medical societies, school boards, Hollywood, MSM, social media platforms and academia. I will bet there is one MAIN source. They must be found, rooted out at the source and utterly destroyed.


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