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Trans Rage Explained

Trish Wood on Substack

So who are these increasingly violent “activists”? The Nashville shooter already had mental problems and was likely jacked up on testosterone. But there is an undercurrent of depravity here that no one is talking about and mental health experts ignore for fear of censure and professional shunning by their colleagues who make money enabling delusional behaviour.

Part of the emerging picture involves bizarre fetishes, born of incessant personal debasement from addictive porn watching. Most of the fetishes are either infantilizing or emasculating and suggest a growing cohort who use bizarre sexual fantasies to feed a debauched Peter Pan Syndrome.

A generation has been hiding in the basement, getting fat, weak and pornified. The Nashville shooter developed an attraction for furry porn, a net-driven fantasy involving sexualized cartoon animals. Here is a screenshot of her now deleted fan page. More

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  1. Whats to explain?
    I’d be pissed too if I was coerced into becoming a Eunuch or had a useless flap of desensitized meat hanging out my front.

    PS. read about how they temporarily send their urinal tracl out their ass holes while trying to create a Bearded Clam.

  2. Many of these individuals are autistic or on the spectrum. They just came out with we are now seeing 1 in 36 kids being on that spectrum probably from the 5 dozen plus and growing vaccines they get that inflame their brain. You can’t have a country of pharma brain damage youth that functions. This should have been addressed long ago but just like pointing out the shooters are all on SSRIs you can’t touch anything pharma.

  3. Somebody shuffled, “The Screwtape Letters,” with, “The True Believer.” Now we are beset by losers who “know there ain’t no heaven,” but long to live in hell.

  4. This is what happens when you try to normalize mental illness.
    Another note; I read this other day and don’t have any proof or link, but the author said that as far back as there have been drawings of satanic demons, they are almost always portrayed as having both sex organs. In other words, demons are transgendered.

  5. Bob M. at 9:15 am

    You think they’d be calmer with their nuts lopped off.

    I’m pretty sure it’s the estrogen that’s driving them crazy for the crazy wannabe female. For the wannabe male, testosterone is what is making them crazier. Thinking they’re a male, they’ve become emboldened, they think they’ve become a Spartan. Hopefully they’ll all end up with Audrey Hale.

    P.S. They don’t know it, but they’re living Hell on earth and will meet up with its full glory when they see Jesus’ face. Every eye shall see Him, even those that pierced Him. Self mutilation screams death.

  6. Another issue headed down the pike is a major distortion – hell, removal – of the human experience thusly:
    “Gender dysphoric kids who take puberty blockers – which are meant to delay or entirely block the normal development of secondary sexual characteristics – may never be able to have an orgasm.”
    There are going to be a lot of young people with very distorted psyches.

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