Transgender Competing With Real Women To Become Miss Montana

Anita Green is competing this weekend to try and represent the great state of Montana at the 2018 Miss USA Pageant . The 26-year-old Green use to be a guy but is now on the executive board of the Missoula Democrats and holds a Sociology degree “with an emphasis in Inequality and Social Justice” from the University of Montana.

Green wants to be an inspiration to other transgenders to “achieve their aspirations.”

I just aspirated some vomit.


The contestants Here




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  1. Here’s who will win so they can cover all the checkmarks:

    Dani is a multi-cultural woman of American Indian, Mexican, and Caucasian decent, and she overcame adversities of a low-income household, to become the first in her family to graduate college. Volunteer for over fifty non-profits…yada-yada-yada

  2. Folks, people at rallies and luncheons are asking me all the time, “Big Don, what do you think about these transvestites?” They want my opinion on it. They do. So look, here’s what I always tell them, “Look, if it’s got a set of cods, it’s a man, okay? Case closed.” We don’t need to get all conspiratorial about looking at trouser bulges that may or may not really be there. That’s not what America is about, that’s more of a European thing there. Have you read a European newspaper? They’re always looking at people’s crotches or keisters, I mean that’s news to them. It really is! Look how many butts you see in a British newspaper. All of them do that over there but Brits especially, but they’re done as a nation, we all know that. So like I was saying, if it’s got a set of cods, it’s a dude, alright? You want to wear a skirt and duct tape down your junk? Hey, this is America, that’s your choice but don’t expect me to stand up and applaud, Doris, and don’t expect no rainbow light show at the White House either. I don’t swing that way, I mean have you seen my wife? No mysterious crotch bulges there, I can tell you that, pal.


  3. “Green wants to be an inspiration to other transgenders to “achieve their aspirations.””

    Yeah, got it.

    The whole “Hey! Look at me! I’m a fucking freak!” spiel is just to inspire other fukkin freaks and has nothing to do with its own perversion and thirst for some sick, perverted, personal fulfillment?

    Seein as there’s NO SUCH THING as a “transgender” – there are only sick, fucked-up-in-the-head mentally-ill perverts craving acceptance – the claim seems a tad disingenuous.

    “She” should try this shit in Mecca and see how it flies.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. It’s crazy enough they want to be a woman, but crazier still they want to force society to except them as women. Just disgusting.

  5. We just sit there and let the left destroy the country
    Trump isn’t in charge the liberal media is pushing there deviant agenda

  6. The contestant named ‘Cheyann Trueman” has a hard row to hoe….and what’s up with Anita Green?…shouldn’t he be called Anita Nother-Dick?…

  7. Miss Mantana.

    If this is the trend, the WNBA is going to get a lot better and women’s volleyball is about to get a lot worse.

  8. they are in Montana- they should bring in some wild horse’s or buffalo’s to stand next to the girls. bet the “cowboys” vote for the horse or buffalo… 🙂 giddy-up ya all…

  9. Who writes this stuff? From contestant Kate Helming’s bio: “As a mental health ambassador, she speaks of her struggles with overcoming mental and invisible diseases while working to change the stereotypes that follow said illnesses.”

    What’s an “invisible disease”?

  10. Ha ha YEEEES!

    I hope this TRANSGENDER DEMOCRAT gets paraded around thanks to the liberal media.

    I want everyone to see how ridiculous the demo-tranny party has become.

  11. A man who worked where I did showed up one day dressed as a woman. He approached me and started talking like he was one of the girls. He was fixated on my high heels.
    He wanted to know were I bought them. He was 6′ 6″ and his feet resembled clown shoes. I wear a very small size 5 1/2 shoe as I’m a small girl.
    He went on to say “I can’t find pretty shoes like that in my size”. I very politely said “That’s because you’re a man”. He replied “I know”! I never saw him at work again.

  12. And after it finishes competing in this contest the It will transition to a Labrador Retriever and compete in the National Kennel Show!

  13. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the only evidence I need to tell me women suffer no oppression of any kind in this country, is guys like this right here.

    There’s no way anyone *volunteers* to become a second class citizen.

  14. Well, whatever it is, it lives in Missoula (East San Francisco West) and has a sociology degree. PERFECTLY PREDICTABLE. I’m surprised there isn’t another contestant of this type from my town, Helena (East San Francisco East) with a similar degree and dedicated to “raising awareness” of the allegedly horrible plight of some other obscure “victim class”. And – who would have guessed that there are so many Montanans who are so unaware of some current hot social topic.

    Apologies to those who may still remember what Montana used to be.

    @Joe 6: Delaney would be my pick too. She probably won’t stand a chance in this junk show…

  15. after looking at the other contestants I don’t think Anita has a chance. She/it will probably cry discrimination if she doesn’t win, just to draw more attention to her insanity.

  16. Had a rabbit once who thought he was a dog.
    Demanded to “run with the pack.”

    Didn’t turn out well …

    izlamo delenda est …

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