Transgender Flagged By TSA Because “She” is Not Supposed To Have Junk There

A man who insists that he’s a woman is upset because a body scan at airport security revealed something that is not supposed to be in the genital area of a woman. So they invesitigated

The man went on Twitter and posted sad selfies and told tales of oppression that is apparently exclusive to the transgender community. (No one else has problems with the TSA.) The Twitterverse was OUTRAGED!

Shadi Petosky live-tweeted her embarrassing ordeal through a security checkpoint at the Orlando International Airport after an “anomaly" resulted in the transgender woman being taken aside by TSA agents. 

The anomaly


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  1. In order to be an “official” trannie, doesn’t the perp have to undergo the complete process, including surgery?

  2. We need a flow chart:

    Dude – Simpering Wuss – Drama Queen – Shemale – Tranny

    I guess that TSA will have to write a policy that defines a shemale and a tranny and specify protocols for each. Wow… TSA… shemales… trannys. What could go wrong there?

  3. Correctamundo.

    This is why I included the paragraph about the tranny thinking this oppression is exclusive to its community.

    That’s ridiculous.
    We’ve been posting stories about the Nazi TSA since this blog opened. Suddenly the Twitterverse perked up because this happened to a freak??

  4. Ironic that this mentally ill man in a dress probably sees Obama as his savior and votes for the people who don’t have the courage to dispense with all this nonsense and just start profiling muslims.

  5. Don’t get too excited.
    This pic was scraped from the Daily News, a practice that is not too cool, but is accepted as long as you’re linking to them, which I did.

    Let me explain.
    Hotlinking is when you copy and paste a picture from another website (rather than hosting it in your own media library) which piggybacks on their bandwidth.

    As you can see, iOTW does not make a practice of hotlinking (look at all the blue x boxes currently displayed.)

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    Content Delivery Network.
    They are working on it now.

    This is why the pictures are showing for some and not others.
    Pictures are delivered through a series of nodes that are spread out along a network in order to make them display faster (and cheaper.)
    There is a glitch somewhere in their pipeline and it’s effecting certain areas of the globe and not others.

    Hope it’s resolved quickly.

    (No matter WHO YOU GO TO, and how much you pay, there are always problems.)

  6. Oh, no. I can see you haven’t taken the “Transgender Sensitivity” training at work.

    The basic rule is, you, and you alone–not God, not the government, not your doctor–have the right to “gender self-determine.”

    Surgery, hormonal therapy, none of it ‘ s required. You are what you say you are.

    What a crock.

  7. Well, something got fixed, and (knock on wood) all the pictures that were missing on previous posts are now showing up for me, so let’s hope it stays that way. Thanks for the support and concern, BTW.

  8. Jihadis and other criminals do this all the time. Pose as women to keep hidden or make an escape.
    When you are presenting yourself as the opposite sex, it’s called a “disguise”. I know, it’s confusing to EVERYONE. But it’s been happening for maybe a few thousand years or something. lol

  9. The Daily News refers to him as ‘she’ but a dumb scanner knows better. A machine has more common sense than the whole of Western Civilization.

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