Transgender Instructional Video for Kids Features Loving Portraits of Rapists and Serial Killers

DANGEROUS: It began as routine mockery of a bizarre indoctrination film teaching kindergarteners about gender theory.

Then things took an even darker turn.

On Wednesday’s episode of his CRTV show, Get Off My Lawn, Conservative media personality Gavin McInnes deployed his usual disgruntled humor and ridicule to walk viewers through a promotional video making the rounds online.

The video features activists from a group called QMUNITY, an “LGBTQ/2S” non-profit resource for trans-positive early childhood education. QMUNITY goes into schools near Vancouver to teach children about transgenderism and pronoun usage.

Immediately after the episode aired, McInnes took a closer look at the video and noticed something even more grisly than the b-roll of a Canadian classroom adorned in posters of drag queens and children brainwashed with sing-song to see the world through a prism of sex and gender.

As Ayesh Kanani, a youth worker for QMUNITY and affiliate of Trans Alliance, speaks about use of the “they” pronoun for gender-trenders experiencing “fluidity and multiplicity,” b-roll in the video cuts to a sketchbook sitting on a table.

The sketchbook, apparently belonging to Kanani, shows lovingly crafted portraits of serial killers and mass murderers including Dylann Roof, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and “the Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez. MORE

4 Comments on Transgender Instructional Video for Kids Features Loving Portraits of Rapists and Serial Killers

  1. One more puzzle piece that seems to fit… why wouldn’t the radical Left (and this is about as radical as it gets) worship serial killers….. and mass murders. Tools of the Left.
    The Left is mainstreaming mental illness, freaks and freak shows as just one method of destroying our society. One of their other many efforts is to grab guns (oh yeah… I mean “gun control”) and I think Stoneman Douglas event is part of that. Vegas too. Both were very strange events that still have a raft of un-answered questions that only make sense when viewed from a sick, twisted perspective. A perspective that people who worship serial killers and mass murderers might have!
    Remember the motto of the Left: Never let a good crisis go to waste.
    Don’t have a good crisis?
    Make one.

    Get this sick, twisted, depraved indoctrination of our children the hell out of our schools!!

  2. Not a big Jump from che’ to American Serial Killers

    He was a murderous little shit too….

    F*ck, throw in islam…These “Things” worship the very Tools

    that will be their demise…But unfortunately …We’re all

    on the same Planet..and are along for the ride…

  3. YOU NAILED IT RAT F. !!!!!!
    Too bad it will not happen
    unless there is some kind of
    revolution.Satan’s army is in
    “the house”.


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