Truckers Partner With Law Enforcement To Fight Human Trafficking

OAN: ‘Truckers Against Trafficking’ is training drivers to recognize the signs of human trafficking and know when to call authorities. As Human Trafficking Awareness Month comes to an end, the nonprofit organization is conducting training sessions with companies, including UPS, and various distribution centers, like Amazon.

“We do see a lot of things that are out there, and I feel we can make a big impact on what goes on,” said driver Gary Hansen.

The program has partnered with law enforcement and other nonprofits across the country to bolster drivers’ preparedness. Thousands of truck drivers are learning the telltale signs of trouble and how to be the eyes and ears of U.S. authorities.

“(We want) to raise awareness, have them be our eyes and ears on the road, and if they see something, say something,” said Officer Nathan Daugherty. “So many of them work cross country, they’re everywhere and they see a lot more than we are able to.” read more

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  1. This may have some noble goal behind it, but I’m not sure I like the idea.

    Seems sort of Orwellian and Fascist in nature to me.

  2. Training all the Truck drivers puts a lot more pairs of eyes on the road. The bad guys will never know if they are safe. There will be a higher number of bad calls until then drivers are less nervous about making calls.

  3. This program is mainly directed against young girls being used as sex slaves. Truckers are (not infrequently) approached by young women or even under aged girls in parking lots of truck stops where they have parked their rigs for their sleeping/resting time. These sex workers are known in the industry as “lot lizards”.

    Truckers are trained not to intervene, or try to rescue anyone, but rather to ask the right questions. These questions include “Are you doing this of your own free will?” and “Are you free to come and go as you please?”. They also may tell a young girl “I can help you if you’d like”. Their course of action is to alert law enforcement with as much detail as they can. It’s a good program.

  4. Most major truck stops like Loves,TSOA,Etc.
    are modern and clean.They have armed security
    uniformed & undercover.Security cameras everywhere.
    Ain’t no lot lizards up in there.Flying J on I-10
    near Beaumont,TX has a dam decent country cooking
    buffet.Oh BTW= Always some cool radar detectors
    and CB radios…


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