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Trudeau, if he can, should get serious about running his country

The Iconoclast:

Forsake the selfies and ‘victims.’ It’s not too late to produce some real and not pretended leadership in a desirable rather than merely trendy direction.

It is too early to judge how profoundly Justin Trudeau and his government have been undermined by the debacle of the visit to India, which cannot be laid off by scapegoating Indian and Canadian officials. Coming on the heels of the “peoplekind” fiasco, it has created a worldwide credibility problem for this government, which was compounded by the prime minister’s unintelligible babbling over the U.S. steel and aluminum tariff issue. (Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, on the other hand, was admirably sensible and balanced in her response.) These embarrassments usually blow over, but sometimes, as with former president George W. Bush’s inane frat-boy talk in New Orleans after the Hurricane Katrina disaster in 2005, a leader can be mortally discredited. Complaints had been audible for a long time that the prime minister specializes in selfies and pandering to identified victim groups, which include practically everyone except white, straight, ostensibly Christian able-bodied and sane adult males. Everyone else, as at a children’s prize day, could claim an award-winning level of competition, in this case, for victimhood, real or imagined.

The resulting farrago of contrived federal government munificence toward complainant groups has essentially been a substitute for real policy these 29 months of this government. It has now caught up with them. The budget last week contained hundreds of invocations of the word “gender” as if it were a sex manual for pubescent youth and not the supposed fiscal blueprint for the federal government. The budget did not address the deficit, the over-taxed condition of almost every income-earner in the country, or the implications of moving determinedly from half the rate of U.S. economic growth this year to a third of it next year, while all income-tax brackets and corporations in Canada pay a higher rate of taxes than their American analogues.

The government has loaded all its political freight on the rickety wagon of political correctness

In Cromwellian terms, instead of “addressing the nation’s grievances,” the government is well along toward becoming “its greatest grievance.” The government has loaded all its political freight on the rickety wagon of political correctness: demonstrably absurd propositions about the environment, gender issues, and native people. more


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  1. It’s probably going to turn out that every Republic and Democracy has to have it’s turn at playing around with socialism — to greater and lesser degrees — in order to figure out it just doesn’t work. As soon as the people start buying that Tolerance/Intolerance nonsense from the commies, it’s guaranteed.

  2. Trudeau has a majority government. The only thing that will topple it is if his party turns against him and that ain’t gonna happen. And when the next election comes around he still has the CBC among as his campaign leaders.

    At least Trudeau is a flaming incompetent, not a malicious anti-country ideologue as was Obama. But Trudeau does not have term limits to deal with. And he is neo-royalty. And he has a pretty haircut.

  3. Man, I feel for wise and responsible Canadians. This clown makes Obama look not so embarrassing after all. You can take a little boy out of a fairy world but you can’t take the fairy out of this little boy. Castro has to be so proud.

  4. Trudeau Is just another dumb fuck liberal, who doesn’t realize he is just another dumb fuck liberal.

  5. “Why WORK, when the gummint will PAY me to be a professional screw-off!? Worked for KLIN – TON I & Obumbles!” 😳

    Damn boys… he’s GOT US there. 😳

  6. I try to be respectful of other people’s countries and cultures but imitating them lays your stereotypes bare.

    Pray he visits Africa so he can grab a spear and put a bone through his nose while his differently sexed life partner extends the length of her neck with gold rings and his kids wear flaming tire necklaces.

  7. Justin looks like Daddy but is heavily “influenced” by Mommy.
    Think Fidel Castro with fetal alcohol syndrome.

  8. “Trudeau, if he can, should get serious about running his country”

    I disagree.

    Canada should embrace self-rule and run themselves.

    “Leaders” (the English word for “Fuhrer”) are for sheep – not men.

    izlamo delenda est …

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