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Will Donald J. Trump Win the Nobel Peace Prize?

North Korea to seek peace treaty with US at Trump meeting: report.

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  1. No he will not. He is not eligible because he is dealing from a position of strength. If he would concede everything, give the Norks food and weapons he would be a lock.

  2. Given the do-nothing criteria applied when they selected obama, No.
    President Trump has actually accomplished too much to further Peace, therefore he is not eligible.

  3. His diplomacy is founded in the concept that those who are to lead the world must do so on the basis of values and attitudes that are shared by the majority of the world’s population.

    The rest of the world wanted America to have a weak leader. Just the concept of a weak leader was enough. Now you know why Obama won the award and why DJT will never win it.


  4. Nope. The Libtards of Sweden will give it to Kim Dung Pile, before they give it to Trump.

    Same as they gave it to Gorby, instead of Reagan. 😡

  5. Trump could end all wars and conflicts in the world and he would not win. Today, it’s not bringing about peace that they are interested in, it is giving the politically correct talking points about peace that they are interested in.

  6. When anyone is more concerned about the award he will receive than the deed we do not want that person in power.
    Ask any Medal of Honor recipient, any emergency services person, anyone you regard highly.

  7. He’s already won our hearts and minds. What does he need a phony award from a foreign country for?

  8. Trump might get one, about the time they confiscate the ones handed out to Al Gore and Hussein Odumbo. ✔

  9. He could bring world peace, cure cancer and erase hunger but he would still not receive the Nobel Prize. Bunch of commie progressives make those decisions as illustrated by the recent “winners”.

  10. It was contaminated by banal stupidity fugg forever when it was tossed to clownface Bayrak for playing endless games of “peace” golf.
    Trump would not touch it.

  11. No, but it would be fun to watch the contortions that the Nobel Peace Prize Foundation would have to perform to justify denying Trump the prize

    Always fun to watch a proggressive institution reduce its credibility to CNN levels

  12. Kim Jong Un will be Time Man of the Year.
    Hillary in in India today criticizing President Trump and the people who voted for him. Horrible woman.


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