Trudeau puts the ASS in CLASS

CFP: Butt grabbing PM, F-Bomb NDP leader and shiv-sticking Rona Ambrose.

The best way to get to know the reviled creature known as a politician is to watch their show-off antics at a press gallery dinner.

CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) gleefully describe the weekend’s press gallery dinner thus:

“It was a night of laughs, some trash talk, and even a mic drop. Federal party leaders had a chance to break bread with the journalists who cover them every day during this year’s Parliamentary Press Gallery dinner. (CBC., June 4, 2016)

“None missed an opportunity for digs at themselves, each other and the reporters they gathered to celebrate.

“And neither did Trudeau’s wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau.

“In reference to recent coverage that she needs more staff, she called four members of Trudeau’s inner circle to the stage at the Museum of History and had them unveil a yoga mat.

“She then balanced herself on her arms, legs up in the air in side crow pose, telling her husband that was how it was done — a dig at a photo of him doing a similar move that’s been widely circulated online.

“The pair embraced, the PM grasping his wife’s rear — a pose they held long enough to make sure everyone noticed.”  MORE

10 Comments on Trudeau puts the ASS in CLASS

  1. DANG Ann Nonymous!…the Trudeaus have outdone the Obamas for the most obnoxious creatures in television history…

  2. Who’s worse, the Obamas or the Trudeaux?

    I don’t think I even want to go there.

  3. I voted at the conservative convention to let the interim leader run for the leadership, but now I am glad the resolution was voted down by the delegates. As for our shameless attention-seeking ‘first couple’ they are a disgrace.

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