Trudeau’s cringeworthy setup using kids to apologize for blackface


In what had all the makings of a staged event, Canada’s liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked on camera by two young black girls about appearing in blackface.

“Why did you paint your face brown?” one of the girls asked the prime minister, who was making an appearance at their school.

Where would the left be without the manipulation of language, in this case using the term being “brown,” as if this somehow lessens the severity of his actions? Even worse, though, was the cringe-worthy response from the prime minister.

“It was something I shouldn’t have done because it hurt people,” he told the girls. “It’s not something you should do and that is something that I learned and I didn’t know it back then, but I know it now.”

Back then being all the way back to 2001, when Trudeau was but a pup of 29 years. more

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  1. If your political ambitions are 5-year-olds then just drop out. Also today Kamala Harris is sitting with 5-year-olds. George Bush was sitting with the same when 9-11 hit. I am tired of this shit. Get to work, politicians! The 5-year-olds aren’t going to vote for you and they aren’t going to change our minds!

    But to get beat up by 5-year-olds greater than Canadian full-grown press is a whole another thing! That part is entertaining.

  2. Lib-tards are giving this PRICK a pass on the “Brownface”. That’s what they are calling it, saying “he was Young”.

    29years old in 2001 IS NOT YOUNG!
    It’s 10 years into the highest Canadian drinking age, 11 years into voting age, and 12 years into legally being sent to war and dying for your country age.

    Best argument I heard yet was from writer Christie Blatchford.
    Who in the world actually has a “blackface kit” ready to go.

    This PRICK regularly had a kit to get into Blackface.

    I wouldn’t even know where to buy one!

    Imagine Turdo’s conversation with his wife…

    Hey honey, lets go on vacation.
    Did you get the passports?
    The map?
    Travellers checks & supplemental Health Insurance?
    “O by the way, Get the KIT Sophie, I might have to put on BLACK/BROWN FACE in as emergency!”

    This little fucker will be SWEPT from Office, just like every other Privincial election in Canada (BC, Alberta, Ontario …)

  3. “Why did you paint your face brown?”

    “It’s called role playing, I was kissing another boy’s peepee”

  4. Hey, we all know why he appeared in blackface so often, he is a craven racist who liked to demean, despoil and insult the proud black race! Now ima gonna gets me some of dat money he has!


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