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True crime writer Ann Rule dies

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  1. That lady sure spent a lot of time in the minds of the sick and depraved. That seems like it would be a hell all of its own. RIP Ann Rule.

  2. RIP Ann Rule. She made it in the old days when both police work (she was a cop at one time) and true crime reporting were a man’s world. And she was a darn good writer.

  3. I think it was her working side by side with Ted Bundy – without even sensing at the time just who he was – that started her off on exploring and documenting to the rest of us what was out there. Work in LE exposes one to a lot of human nature most of us would rather not ever know. I think it was her own therapy.

  4. I read lots of her books, but The Stranger Beside Me kept me up many sleepless nights. She was top notch!

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