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We’re Living In Bizarro World

Jack Cashill makes a strong argument that putting leftists in charge has been a one way ticket to Bizarro World.


The parallels are uncanny.


How did Superman escape this living hell?



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  1. Yeah…I read that this morning…and my first reaction – albeit cliched – was:
    “so…THIS is what Burke meant by the only thing for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

    Not that the GOP is “good” per se…just that they’re the only ones in a position to stand up and address this peacefully.

    Emphasis on “peaceful”…ahem.

  2. …it’s a one way ticket to somewhere………..I’m thinking more on the lines of…….Hell

  3. Bizarro America Where:

    A traitor is a hero

    Murderous terrorist are protestors

    Rioters are activist

    Police are criminals

    A Strong arm robber is a victim

    A sucker punching punk is an innocent buyer of Skittles and Ice Tea

    And the nation leads from behind

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