Trump Admin Planning to ‘End Catch and Release at the Southwest Border’

Epoch Times:

President Donald Trump and a top immigration official said the administration is working on ending so-called “catch and release” at the southern border of the United States, with the goal of shutting it down by early October.

Mark Morgan, commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, told reporters late on Sept. 18 that the administration is “confident that in a couple of weeks we’re going to be able to end catch and release at the southwest border.”

He said it will be possible through a “network of initiatives and policies by this administration that’s really been supported by several different entities within” the Department of Homeland Security, including his agency, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. read more

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  1. POTUS Trump really wanted the permanence of congressional legislation on this, but it’s never going to happen with the Democrat-controlled House (so get yourself and ALL your friends out to vote!). But this is great news under the circumstances. It stops MPP (sends illegals back to Mexico while their court cases are heard in the U.S.), etc. It took a lot of work to get Mexico to step up in a big way. I’m glad Mexico finally saw the light and figured out what could happen to their economy if they had U.S. sanctions on them.

    BTW: Here’s a Wiki bio on that judge, Jon Tigar, who made the injunction. The silver lining is that SCOTUS had to get involved.

  2. OT
    msNBC ends Presidents Press Briefing with Fake News.

    1st: President Trump claims to have beaten ISIS. This can’t be true because msNBC will have secret interviews with ISIS leaders that will air Saturday and Sunday Night at 8 saying that America Sucks and that they are not dead and the caliphate will rise again and be broadcasted on msNBC.

    2nd: President Trump is hiding phone call details on a secret phone call.

    BREAKING here at IOTW . . . the phone call.

    Are You READY???
    What Time?


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