IKEA caves to online morons who were “offended” by an inauthentic cafeteria item

I’m saddened by people whose lives are so uneventful, so lacking in gravitas, so worthless, that charges of “cultural appropriation” completes them.

Is this all Jamaicans have to point at in the world of accomplishments, a culinary dish? If their “rice and peas” recipe isn’t satisfactorily authentic it causes apoplexy amongst the social justice warriors?

I would consider this borderline insulting that a recipe wouldn’t fall through the cracks of day to day world problems. Is Jamaican contributions to the world so lacking that rice and peas becomes the battleground? It seems so.

“The peas in rice and peas are kidney beans pal, not green peas, and don’t you forget it. Stop insulting Jamaica like that, or else! If we had anything else going on we wouldn’t make such a big deal out of this, but it’s not like this is distracting us from our space program.”


Despite some social media defense, it seems the pressure was too much as IKEA has issued a formal apology and removed the item from their menus:

IKEA is a Swedish home furnishing company with a much-loved food offer. We take inspiration from many countries around the world and have always worked to combine different flavors and ingredients to offer delicious, healthy and affordable dishes. … We’re aware that our new jerk chicken, served with rice and peas has created some conversation and in some cases offense. Our intention was to create a dish for many people to enjoy but we appreciate that we may have got it wrong. We apologize and we are now relooking at the dish.


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  1. Too bad those stupid cam lock fasteners that are used to assemble IKEA’s furniture haven’t been culturally appropriated. I think they need to revisit those.

  2. If it’s kidney beans, say rice and kidney beans, your linguistically challenged culture needs to do better, mon.
    I have had red beans and rice using kidney beans and ham, everybody who speaks Southern knows you use small red beans, pickled pork and hot sausage.
    Did I have a fit, no, bless your heart.

  3. When I went to Jamaica with my wife on an adventure to the middle of nowhere we found a hole in the wall with kitchen operations outside and were served jerk chicken off a rusty grill cut with a dirty hatchet that lays in the dirt when not used with a doughy half cooked bread roll for lunch. Dinner was curry with a little bit of goat. No rice or beans or peas was involved. The aftermath was shitting my brains out for 4 days.

  4. Cowardice is rarely, if ever, a successful strategy.

    Personally, after having travelled our local Ikea store, I realized that “Ikea” is the Nordic term for “Ickier.”

    Just sayin’.

  5. @oaks,
    I have often wondered how many Ikea contraptions end up on the trash heap due to inability to assemble the wordless puzzle.

  6. 3rd world problems.
    Those Jamaicans don’t know the difference between beans and peas.
    I have no goat in this fight, but, the colors look artistically fresher with the green.
    And Jamaica missed a good opportunity to sell some stuff to IKEA.
    (I don’t know, spices? Scarves? …cookbooks? lol)

  7. Remember when ‘The Book of Mormon’ came out, after South Park had done an episode kind of bashing Mormons although recognizing that they tend to be very nice and happy? So what did the Mormon Church do? They took out ads on the playbills, saying ‘You’ve seen the play, now experience the Mormon faith!’
    Having the confidence to play along gets you a lot further than constant complaining. Nobody wants to deal with complainers – people may even let them have their way but sure don’t want to spend any more effort on them.

  8. icky-a has some cool chinese made products. But when i’m in the phoenix area i go there for the food. Really. My gut doesnt tolerate much but i can eat their swedish meatballs

  9. Fuck Jamaica.

    Been there.
    Wouldn’t go back if they paid me.
    And I don’t really GAF if they’re offended by any-fukkin-thing – cuz Jamaica is offensive to civilization. The limey leftovers are the only things standing between Jamaica and Haiti.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. OK, now my ticket is punched to demand that they remove pineapple from a pizza and ban frickin ketchup on a hot dog. Those both must be some kind of evil misappropriation somewhere.

  11. Nephew’s comment on spending an afternoon assembling an IKEA dresser that his wife bought (without his knowledge)

    I could have carved a dresser out of block of wood faster …. using a butter knife

  12. As to their furniture, all 5 of my daughters manage to assemble their stuff with no problem. Their furniture isn’t top-quality, heirloom-level, but it is attractive, sturdy, and best of all cheap. And the pieces actually fit.

  13. OK; Let’s play a game: “Fixing Cultural Appropriation”
    Every brown person gets to go back to their
    “cultural corner” and divest themselves of the
    ownership and use of all ideas, manufactured goods,
    food and medicines discovered, created by white people.
    White people go to theirs and do the same with all that brown people discovered, created.
    Now, BEGIN…..
    Want to guess how long until the screaming starts?

  14. “If we had anything else going on we wouldn’t make such a big deal out of this, but it’s not like this is distracting us from our space program.”

    Now THAT’S a funny line right there. Jamaica? Space program? WHere? “Inner” space? Can’t be outer space. Pass the ganga, mon.

  15. I am greatly offended when a furniture store sells cooked meals. Like, why?

    The key to business success is to do one thing, and do it right.

    What Ikea does would be like GM operating dairy farms, or Johnson and Johnson making candy.

  16. The real assholes here are the IKEA idiots apologizing! It’s freaking everyday food. Shut up and eat it. Or don’t and choose something else! Who made anyone eat the offensive food? Damn libs.

  17. Obviously only Swedes should be allowed to step foot in an IKEA store.

    And definitely only Swedes should own IKEA products.

    I sure hope the people complaining do not use any IKEA / Swedish designed merchandise.

  18. Hey Tim! I’m with you.
    Jamaica is a toilet.
    With a huge crime problem and cockroaches everywhere the size of your thumb.
    No one should be fooled into thinking it’s paradise.
    Go further south in the Caribbean.
    Dignified island people who actually like to be clean and take care of their tourist industry.

  19. Peas & Rice a Jamaican dish? I call bullshit. It’s a Bahamian dish. I’ve had many a wonderful meal in Alice Town with peas & rice and Kalik GOld beer prominently featured.

  20. The last time Jamaica looked good was in the film “Dr. No” From then on it was downhill. The drugs, the gangs, the sex slavery all just reinforce western views of the island. If you go there (even staying within the walls of resorts) you’re taking you life in your hands. Stay away!

  21. @Tim Buktu SEPTEMBER 20, 2019 AT 12:39 PM
    “I am greatly offended when a furniture store sells cooked meals. Like, why?

    The key to business success is to do one thing, and do it right.”

    I disagree; actually their concept is brilliant. Their stores/showrooms are huge, and take several hours to walk through. You don’t want your customers wandering off before they are through throwing stuff in their carts just because they are hungry. Keep them there, feed them, and then they will go back to shopping. It is also the only place in town where you can get a $3 breakfast.

    I know a guy who owned a new car dealership in England, who partnered with McDonalds to build a restaurant next to his dealership. When customers tried to leave to get lunch, he gave them free coupons to McD’s. Don’t let potential customers get too far away.

  22. By the way, if that was the actual text of the “complaint” in the link, I am pretty sure it was a joke, but IKEA took it seriously.

  23. @Redgrandma, I once said I would eat anything on a pizza, even the dreaded anchovy.
    Now have to specifically demand, no pineapple, if I’m paying for it.
    Catsup on a hot dog, don’t even like it on fries, there is no ketchup in my house.

  24. People actually go to a furniture store for food. Then complain it’s not authentic. What’s next, chair and table shopping at Burger King?

  25. I’m “triggered” because IKEA doesn’t even produce quality “furniture”. It’s just cheap trendy overpriced CRAP. Where’s my coloring book?

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