Trump Admin to Look at Immigrants’ Social Media Accounts

Left-leaning groups say the new information the government is seeking is intrusive and question whether it will help DHS officials do their job and keep America safe.

In other words, they want them to focus on harassing law-abiding citizens instead of the illegals and the barely legals. more

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6 Comments on Trump Admin to Look at Immigrants’ Social Media Accounts

  1. “information the government is seeking is intrusive”

    Oh, come ON! You are not serious, are you?

    Of course you’re serious. It doesn’t even enter your pea brains that is exactly what you have been doing for the last decade to everyone you hate! What just happened to that guy SNL hired (and fired)????? You scoured his data until you found something to be offended over.


    Thank you, President Trump, for making the left live by the same rules they impose on us!

  2. Q: How do you ferret out millions of ‘illegal’s social media accounts?’

    A: You get a lot of ferrets* and let them ferret. (Ferrets are good hunters and smarter than Democrats.)

    * With sharp teeth.

  3. Why don’t they just use the NSA database that the Democrats insist doesn’t exist, or at least isn’t used against law-abiding Americans? Seems a lot easier to do, doesn’t it?

    I really, really, REALLY, hate these people.

  4. The operating word – “illegals”. These people are criminals, invaders – our enemies. Illegals should be under servaliance at all times by our government. They do not have rights of privacy -they are not U.S. citizens. President Trump is, as always steps ahead of the left.

  5. There are thousands of jobs right there.
    Handicapped and housebound folk can still search social media and click boxes that say this needs a closer look; and earn money doing it.


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