Trump – “Alabama, do not trust Jeff Sessions. He let our Country down.”

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  1. Bravo PDT … Bravo!

    the Keebler Elf is a Swamp Creature … no need to bring that traitorous ass back

  2. Sessions is an odd man. Should have kept his head down and ran for mayor someplace. He’s getting to be like Biden without the crazy words.

  3. Sessions is the quintessential “noble” Republican who is so predictable that he allows himself to be continually setup by Democrats or just obligingly paints himself into a corner.

    “Noble” Republicans are really quite selfish. Their sense of personal honor is more important to them than the welfare of their country.

  4. Jeff “Magoo” Sessions was bullies, tricked, or simply asked to recuse himself….and he did.

    Why to get snookered there buddy. Every Republican Attorney General is called to step down and/or recuse himself, to take a chess piece off the board, and I can’t understand why they allow it?

  5. Sessions endorsed Mr. Trump when it was “known” that Mr. Trump was the ONLY major Republican candidate who could NOT beat Ms. Clinton. Sessions supported “her turn” by supporting Mr. Trump, then endeavored as a good little Manchurian to punish President Trump for serving up Hillary’s ass as a national banquet.

  6. We’ve watched Republicans be-clown themselves for decades.

    “We’re not as bad as you think” was the Republican motto described by Paul Greenberg (I think) 30 years ago, and outside of President Trump and some others caught up in his wake, is still essentially true.

    It used to be said that if the Demonrats wanted to burn down the Capitol tomorrow, the Republicans would insist we burn it down over three days.

    Sessions is just true-to-form. He cannot be otherwise.
    I don’t believe he’s a craven coward – I believe he’s morally adrift.
    (I have been wrong)

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. I’m sure Sessions is a nice person. Touble is, we don’t need nice people in DC politics or anywhere else. We need people with real balls and an attitude to take on those stinking swamp creatures.

  8. Sessions is better than Tuberville on immigration. Nothing matters more than immigration, if we continue on the path we are on, we will have no more like Trump.

  9. Onginer. Too late. Demography is destiny. I’m seeing the future(again) here in Texas as I’m departing. The combination of 10s 0f 1,000s of new arrivals(10,000/month into DFW alone) with millions of illegals is going to flip Texas before I die.

    I realize Sessions has been better than TT on immigration but Sessions was in a position to put the brakes on the whole Russian collusion crap and he didn’t. Wasted years of Trump’s 1st term. No sale.

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