Trump Calls New Sanctions on Iran the Harshest Ever Placed on a Country

Daily Signal-

President Donald Trump said Friday that new sanctions on Iran’s national bank are the strongest ever placed on a country, but reiterated that he hopes to avoid military action against the Islamist regime. 

“I think sanctions work. The military would work. That’s a very severe form of winning,” Trump said during a joint White House press conference with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. 

“Nobody can beat us militarily,” the president said. “Nobody could even come close. What we’ve done for our military in the last three years is incredible.”

Iran is widely suspected to be behind the bombing of Saudi Arabian oil fields last week. Iran has denied involvement. read more

6 Comments on Trump Calls New Sanctions on Iran the Harshest Ever Placed on a Country

  1. He’s making the regime suffer instead of killing the country’s citizens collaterally. Hopefully the Iranian people will drag Khomeini out by his beard and slaughter him in the streets.

  2. Watch out for who is getting ready to be behind Iran in the upcoming conflict there, such as a cooperative alliance of China, Russia, India and Pakistan.

    We may survive it, but we will not be the same nation we are now after it is over.

  3. What, not using the Obama bow down and reward bad behavior method? Everyday I am more impressed with President Trump. His speech may be a bit unconventional for the smarmy swamp crowd, but he speaks clearly to the people. Carry on Mr. President.

  4. As if further proof of the UN’s uselessness was needed

    What’s been the UN’s response to this unprecedented aggression to the oil supply for the entire world, and, by extension, the world financial system? Have they said anything?

    And what about our NATO allies, whose economies would collapse if the Mideast oil were disrupted and prices skyrocketed to $150 a barrel. Have our “allies” said anything, or are they still cooperating with Iran?

    And what’s the big plan here, Oh trans Atlantic partners? Stick your thumb up your ass and wait for the US to come to the rescue while you undercut us once again?

    Whoops, better shut up, lest someone call me a right wing “populist” who just doesn’t understand the value of our multinational institutions

  5. And yet the state department keeps granting them waivers.

    Sanctions aren’t particularly effective when they are bypassed.


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