ICE-Hating Groups Used Facebook to Incite Violence

Daily Signal:

Michelle Malkin—

Abolish ICE thugs in Colorado want to see the homes and families of immigration enforcement officials set aflame.

Denver communists want alien detention facility employees dead, swinging from nooses with broken necks.

Both groups are brazenly using Facebook to spread their inflammatory and violent messages.

So, where is Silicon Valley—whose top companies partner with the Southern Poverty Law Center smear machine to de-platform conservatives, pro-lifers, and Donald Trump supporters—to stop the open borders left’s escalating hate?

On Thursday, Sept. 19, Abolish ICE Denver and the Denver Communists are organizing a protest outside the house of Johnny Choate, the warden of the immigrant detention facility in Aurora, Colorado.

Choate works for GEO Group, which operates the center.

Instead of laying blame at the feet of global profiteers who induce illegal immigrants to risk their families’ lives to trespass our borders, anti-ICE agitators are targeting homeland security employees and contractors who simply enforce federal immigration and detention laws passed by Congress. more here

8 Comments on ICE-Hating Groups Used Facebook to Incite Violence

  1. The crazies are getting bolder by the day. Why are authorities not kicking in doors and putting these animals behind bars? Tolerating these criminal acts only produces more.

  2. A “call to action” to attack and kill feds and their families..
    The last time I looked that was a Federal crime.
    Hows about some nice televised busts to discourage the others?


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