Sounds like bragging – ‘My girl became the youngest trans toddler… at just three years of age’

The Sun

From the age of three, Jeneen Schofield’s only child made the same Christmas and birthday wish: “I want to be a girl.”

While family snaps show the tot in a Liverpool football kit, Jeneen says her toddler, born a boy, soon sensed he should be living life as a girl.

And last year, at the age of seven, her wish came true when her name was officially changed by deed poll – to Luna.

She started wearing a skirt to school and got a new passport too as one of Britain’s youngest transgender children.

Today her proud mum opens her heart on the life-changing events and defies critics who believe her decision to let Luna choose her gender was premature.


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  1. A child does not “sense” gender identity. Some how this mental aberration was instilled into this child. I have wondered how this sex identity psych can be happening in children. I am guessing that the subliminal perverse message is occurring in cartoons aimed at children, and even parents. The technology to insert mind altering messages into motion pictures has been possible for some time. It is fact, not conspiracy.
    This is the last significant report Vialls ever did. When I saw this, I knew he would not be around to complete the other parts.
    Danger: Mind Controllers At Work!
    “Though 1/25th second is much too fast for your conscious brain to register, your subconscious sees it very well, meaning that the Hollywood thought reform message completely bypasses your normal conscious content filtering system. “

  2. Poor kid. He doesn’t want to be a girl, he just wants to be loved and accepted by his parents. The selfish parents have somehow telegraphed it to the kid that they’d love him more if he was a girl, so the kid did what he had to do to get loved.

  3. “But single mum Jeneen insists it would have been wrong to let Luna live a lie.”
    Wow, no dad, colour me surprised.
    Munchausen by proxy, she is abusing the boy for her own selfish needs and attention.

  4. Child abuse by claiming they’re allowing the kid to express himself. How are parents like this escaping a stiff jail sentence?
    If they let the kid skip school for a couple of days he’d be dragged off by child services but completely destroy the child psychologically and there’s never an eyebrow raised?

  5. This subject has been very much on my mind for several months. Our neighbor’s (both progtard lawyers, FWIW) eighteen year old son announced this summer that he identifies as a girl. He is a triplet with another brother and sister, as well as a different-aged sister. One set of grandparents are also flaming liberals and the other grandmother is as well, so they’re no help at all. But one grandfather is conservative and deeply concerned, although he has little information about argument against transgenderism. He feels quite helpless to go up against the rest of them and, when he talks with us, asks that we only send info to his phone because he and his wife share an email account and he doesn’t want her to know. Anyway…

    I happened upon a panel presentation by medical doctors, psychologists and a fellow who had lived life as a medically-transitioned transgendered “woman.” He gave a bare-knuckled account of how it is that he ended up with a vagina and it’s quite a tragic story. He’s a courageous guy. Listening to the medical doctor describe all the problems with hormone therapies and surgeries and the toll it takes on the human body was eye opening, to say the least.

    I encourage everyone to listen to these videos and understand all that is involved. It certainly cleared up my questions and left me feeling very frightened for the children who are being led down this path by parents, teachers (and college professors), friends, and well-meaning but ignorant family members. It would be like watching your child being sucked into a religious cult and helping them pack their bags for Guyana.

    Here is the YT playlist for one Heritage panel on the subject (there may be others):

    It’s hard to watch, but it definitely answers the main questions and will give us the ability to argue strenuously against what is happening.

  6. I would say also — even though it would seem glaringly obvious — that this pushing in our society for young children to “pick” their own gender is really a push for children (mostly boys, btw) to pick being a girl. The so-called “toxic masculinity” movement is the other claw in the pincer tactic, causing boys to hate who they are and finding ultimate love, acceptance and confirmation by mothers who cannot relate to or appreciate their sons’ masculinity. It’s these psychopathic mothers who need treatment.

  7. We live in sick times, Satans minions are everywhere espousing the lies that lead to destruction. Our main line Christian denominations have been converted to leftest Marxism and the false Pope sits in the Vatican, and Gaia is the Goddess worshiped by the God -Deniers.

    If it was not for President Trump I would say we are approaching the end times. Read a couple of stories today about schools teaching grade school kids to touch themselves and taking San Fran Kindergarten kids to a climate rally to chat against the bad Orange man.

    We are on the path to hell, I am convinced that President DJT is a final speed bump from God allowing time for a final repentance before he lowers the boom on our wicked world.

    Since 1913 the world has been in the grip of a globalist satanic cabal, all of the Presidents of both parties were hand selected and rotated except for JFK and you see what happened to him when he said he would expose the deep state.

    Not to wear a tin foil hat but every reply on this site is housed at the NSA and we are all being monitored by the CIA. Being a patriot today is far more dangerous due to the fact that King George did not have the ability to monitor every single American but the cabal can.

  8. I’m beginning to understand why Liberals want to ban guns.
    There is going to come a time when their kids will be coming after them with a vengeance for what these social perverts did to them!!

  9. @ Cisco,
    I am reasonably sure that we are not “there” yet. Remember, God was willing to spare Sodom for the sake of fifty righteous men… even ten! We are not yet at the level of evil that was Sodom. As long as there is an outcry against the filth, we have hope. On the other hand “end times” are closing in, but my humble understanding is that it will last several life-times and all of us living today will be waiting in hell for the final tally. Jesus died to save all of us.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  10. Cisco, dead on. The “Age of Grace” is about to end; folks need to ‘get right’ with G_D through Our Lord Jesus Christ before it does.

    It’s not that I’m sounding the tocsin…but I am sounding the tocsin.

  11. What doesn’t make any sense is these people are the ones that are supposed to be all loving and tolerant of everyone. If that’s the case, why does any of their people need to officially change their gender and name in order to be accepted as a specific gender? The freaks should be welcome and tolerated without the need for penis inversion surgery, hormone therapy, or petitioning the government for a letter change in the gender category.

    “Ohh you’re so brave and we’re so proud of you for transitioning.” Bullshit, that’s not pride. Supporting your boy with a third leg growing from the bottom of his skirt would show more pride because that’s what God created and that’s what God intended. Swing it from side to side, while calling yourself a girl, boy, make GOD PROUD, and by extension your family will be proud (or they should be).

  12. I wanna be 6 feet tall again and weigh 185 but that ain’t gonna happen no matter how much I wish it.

    In a more sane time this would be considered child abuse.

  13. @AbigailAdams SEPTEMBER 23, 2019 AT 6:31 AM
    Thank you for that link. I’ve seen a couple of those, but not all. The last one looks like the entire presentation.
    I urge everyone to download it while you can as we all know what’s going to happen to those videos eventually.
    RAGE boils in me to heights that I rarely get to. They will end up in that special place in Hell and I’d love to be the one to arrange their itinerary.

  14. The only way a 3 to 7 YO has a “sexual identity” at all is because some fucked-up adult instilled that in her – sexual abuse, which should be prosecuted, not indulged.

  15. F4UCorsair — You’re welcome. Right you are; those vids will be scrubbed at some point. Good idea to download them.

    CC — This is precisely what the former transgendered man said, too, that most children want to be the opposite sex because in their young minds they believe it will stop future rapes. I can’t remember what he said the percentage of sexual assault was, but it was very high. If my kid started wishing to be the opposite sex I’d certainly wonder how it was that he or she became sexualized in the first place! He also made the point that kids know how to manipulate adults into giving them the most attention, and this one is the golden ticket to doing just that. He said he became addicted to being affirmed in this way.

  16. Did “mom” want a girl? I mean, I ask because I’ve seen a school age friend cut her hair short and dress slightly boyish (11 or 12 years old) because dad paid close attention to her. FINALLY. I guess.
    (rumor was it was a little toooo close). Her name was Andy. Not Andie or Andrea. Andy. With a Y. A chromosome she did not have, but. There you go.

    Do any of these people sit down with a qualified psych at all?
    I mean qualified. Like, medical. Not somebody’s assistant or state run.
    Which in England I guess is impossible.

  17. Another clone or version of TLC channel’s I Am Jazz. Never watched a single episode, the promos of the show were more than I could stand. This is no different.

  18. BigSlurpy beat me to it!

    She/He/??? hopefully will not be one of the youngest to have severe mental health issues.

    Most kids start off with great potential and promise and the “adults” start to mess them up.


  19. What will be their plan when its fourth birthday wish is to be a boy, Napoleon Bonaparte on the fifth, and a pair of bronze bookends on the sixth?

    Prediction: Sometime over the next twenty years there will be a wave of grisly crimes committed by people abused like this as children by adults who should have known better. Maybe I’ll be around long enough to pull jury duty.

  20. Liverpool, Essex, The Krays, Rise of the Foot-soldier.
    Just proliferating romanticized uneducated mental illness.
    It will have a future, and a sequel and a sequel and a sequel,,,


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