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Trump can still run for president and serve despite indictment

A Manhattan grand jury voted on Thursday to indict Trump in what attorney Alan Dershowitz described as “the most abusive case I’ve ever seen.”

JTN: Despite his indictment, former President Donald Trump can continue his 2024 campaign for president and serve in office if he wins.

A Manhattan grand jury voted on Thursday to indict Trump. The Constitution does not contain any provision barring someone who has been indicted or even convicted from becoming president.

While the charges against Trump have not been disclosed to the public yet, they are reportedly related to the hush money payments the businessman allegedly made to porn star Stormy Daniels before he was elected president in 2016.

Daniels said she was popping champagne after the news of the indictment broke.

“Thank you to everyone for your support and love!” she wrote on Twitter. “I have so many messages coming in that I can’t respond … also don’t want to spill my champagne. #Teamstormy merch/autograph orders are pouring in, too! Thank you for that as well but allow a few extra days for shipment.”

Renowned civil liberties lawyer Alan Dershowitz, a Democrat who broke party ranks to defend Trump in his first impeachment trial, criticized the decision to indict Trump.

“The worst, weakest, most abusive case of prosecutorial indiscretion in my 60 years of practicing law,” he said.  MORE

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  1. Well, at least they can’t slow-walk the trial (aka: ‘getting Jan 6th’) to prevent him from becoming President.

    Still not sure their game plan, unless they believe that they are all powerful from a government perspective.

    IF this is an attempt to put a black stain on Trump, it will backfire.

  2. Yesterday on March 30, 1981 was the 42th anniversary of the attempted assassination of President Reagan. I wonder if that’s why they chose that day to indict President Trump.

  3. I’ve read that most charges relate to his business dealings. I’m fully aware that I can be mister negativity but this many, IMO, is orchestrated to 1) keep him really busy for the next 4, 5 or more years and 2) bleed him dry. To shutdown his businesses and/or make him spend his fortune in defense of same.

    There is no way that he can even remotely get a fair trial in NYC. It absolutely positively is not going to happen.

    We’d better get ourselves used to what this way comes. Trump serving another term is but a dream.

    I read an opinion piece that District Attorney’s across the nation need to file charges against Hillary, Comey, Soros, the Biden children and Joey’s brother and sister, to name a few on the list. We can meekly accept what is coming our way or we can fight back. They bring a knife, we bring a gun.

  4. ICYMI

    They are saying the 45th President of the United States had about #100 (one hundred) in number, of ‘classified’ papers. Of which, as was stated on Day+1 post Mar-a-lago raid, President Trump is and always will be the ultimate classification / de-classification authority for the Time Frame in discussion.

    They are not saying anything about the #1000’s (numbered in thousands) of official, classified papers found in Vice-President Bidens secret dumps spread across the Country and of which, the former Vice-President violated the Law in each and every found classified piece of paper since he had no legal authority to de-classify, much less possess, according to the laws that are on the Official Book of Laws right now.

  5. “the most abusive case I’ve ever seen.”
    Except for the bullshit this administration has pulled on the American people. To bad so many are to stupid to see it. And I do mean stupid, because they can’t be fixed.


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