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We’ve Suspended the Use of the Bullpen

Due to relentless spam, some of it dangerous, we have to go back to the drawing board on how we can keep reader participation active.

I’m always thinking. So, stay tuned.

If you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments.

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  1. I just ignore the spammers and go about my business.

    If you think you’re going to make $18,000 working part time from home like someone’s cousin you deserve what you get when you click it.

  2. Agree with Different Tim
    Can we set ground rules>
    Up front description and running times of links to videos?
    Not just in the articles, but in the posts too.
    Just a heads up netiquitte description.
    April Fools style guidelines would still work.

  3. @BFH at 544 PM on today
    High Octane
    The next post will have a link for this site
    colon slash slash citizenfreepress.com/breaking/cfp-friday-night-champagne-room-is-now-open-no-indictments-are-welcome/

  4. The Bullpen, Part A

    A recent example is of a very obnoxious person who repeatedly sent the same long and duplicated paragraph with or without a Link but changing names each time the nuisance message was sent. In a short time the entire message block left no room for any legitimate use for others. This went on for several weeks or longer when I began paying attention along with a few “bite me’s!” to the imbecilic simp.

    Another tactic is to bloat the Bullpen sender’s message block with oftentimes dangerous, as well as, red-flagged Web sites, which should (and can) lead to criminal charges.

    The general goal of these and other disruptive acts is to trivialize, disrupt and call into question the seriousness or credulity of a site, and eventually lose members and eventually (if left to fester) the loss of the site, reputation (and money) itself through a daily cut of a thousand knives. The goal being to silence, destroy, and “disappear” their targets. There also are just plain and simple childish ass-breaths who seem to undergo some sort of depraved sexual satisfaction of the control involved, no matter how much damage is being foisted upon the oftentimes well-meaning, yet helpless Web site owner, who sometimes folds long before discovering who or what was deliberate3ly responsible.

    Usually the number of serious offenders can be counted on one hand and commonly it is perhaps only one or two instigators who are usually political, anti-white, Marxist, or other similar bigot, sometimes belonging to a group of uneducated, violent hate groups, intent on a site’s destruction.

  5. The Bullpen – Part B

    This might be somewhat time and labor intensive, initially. There are several renditions of this, depending on how well the Web programmer is with code along with the cost involved, therein. Here, is but one suggested iteration:

    Whenever the Bullpen opinion/comment box has been completed by a sender and before (or during) sending it for display for all to see, it stops and a question box appears, which automatically asks for the sender’s email address and which also explains why and for what reason.

    Once the senders type in their email address, IOTW records their email, then sends a return email to that address along with including a six-digit (or other), randomly generated Code number, asking to return that email, with the Code, back to IOTW for confirmation. If the email is returned and the Code is correct, the comment is then publicized, and the message, date and time, and Link are recorded under that email address and placed on file with IOTW.

    Any repeated trouble, complaint, and/or problems noticed via daily or regular monitoring can be further accessed via a date and time and/or subject indexes, and an alphabetical email index along with other helpful indexes (such as, alphabetical sender’s name coupled with the Bullpen’s Guest number”, etc.).

    Once an offending email, subject, and/or alphabetical info has been found and collected, a warning is emailed to temporarily block that sender along with the explanation of “why” and the limited number of repeats of this kind of behavior will be less tolerated until a permanent F.U. is issued along with banishment time from the site once a predetermined number of temporary banishment’s result in A PERMANENT BAN.

    This, however, does not keep IOTW from permanent banning on the very first offense if deemed unusually serious and/or dangerous, since without such a “hold harmless” caveat, IOTW may be subject to criminal charges rather than the perpetrator due to a possible criminal charge of negligent oversight in a court of law.

    Would also recommend letting your faithful know an approximate (and/or) anticipated T&M costs to the business of the IOTW Report of being completed, and to LEAVE IT AT THAT.

    From what I have personally experienced with the IOTW Report and its unique and often brilliant commentaries of a wisened and experienced group, as well as, sometimes hilarious off-the-wall humor, I know that there is enough honor amongst the regular faithful, that they, as well as myself can help taking it from there.

  6. Use IP address white list from main commenters to all Bullpen posting, feature unknown to spammers. If a spammer gets white listed in main content and then spams the Bullpen, auto compare routine matches IP addresses and un-white lists the spammer.

    Wager someone here knows how to do that.

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