Trump: CNN is fake news, Buzzfeed is a failing pile of garbage

Donald Trump calls CNN fake news! At Tump’s press conference today, he slammed CNN ‘reporter’ Jim Acosta and his network as “Fake News.” The ‘reporter’ didn’t take it too well and began shouting and interrupting actual reporters who were trying to ask President Elect Trump a question. Donald also called their organization terrible. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

15 Comments on Trump: CNN is fake news, Buzzfeed is a failing pile of garbage

  1. If Trump were as bad as they claim, he would have had this jackass jacked up, drug out and they would have found him in a dumpster covered in pee.
    I found the President elect to be quite amicable, under the circumstances.
    The party is over bad dude, you haven’t the chops to play the game, sissy.

  2. @Bad Brad
    From what I’ve read, it seems that McCain handed the ‘info’ off to an ex intelligence agent he knows, and THAT person gave it to the FBI.

  3. Golden showers? Nope,didn’t happen… But YOUR president f*cked an intern on the Oval Office desk with a cigar and splooged her dress behind his wife’s back. AND then lied on camera about it and got impeached.

    Anything else?

  4. MSM Anthem
    (Jingle Bells Tune)

    Fake news, here
    Fake news, there
    Fake news, all the way
    Oh how little do we care
    If it’s fake news everywhere.


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