“If Putin likes me, that’s an asset not a liability” -Donald Trump

Got News, which has supplemented its staff to include writers and investigative journalists beyond just Charles C. Johnson, is compelling me give them another look.

Although they’ve peddled in some questionable stories in the past, fouled up by their quest to “break stories” and “be first,” I find myself interested in what they have to offer. I’m an adult, I can determine what is “fake news” on my own without having it filtered through the government in order to save me from my own stupidity.

The story I’m linking is an opinion piece.

It’s worth a read, if only because they deserve a looksy now that they’re reorganizing themselves into a more rounded news organization.

See what you think. It’s a bold premise, one that you won’t hear many outlets making for fear of being branded racists.

I’m still a little uncomfortable with this newfound trust and admiration of Russia. Call it… tradition, but I just can’t seem to look into Putin’s eyes and see an ally.

ANALYSIS: #Russia Will Be One Of America’s Greatest Allies During The Trump Administration

let’s be honest about why the media hates both President-elect Donald J. Trump and Russia. Trump and Russia are avatars for the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of white people. In the eyes of the reporting class, who’ve been thoroughly indoctrinated with cultural Marxism and “decolonization” narratives during their time in academia, this makes Trump and Putin the bad guys. White people are not supposed to confidently advocate their interests and those of the West more generally. They’re supposed to give everything away as an apology for the successful military campaigns of the past.


(Tip: GotNews should stop watermarking imagery that they do not own.)

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2 Comments on “If Putin likes me, that’s an asset not a liability” -Donald Trump

  1. I’m not wasting my time reading some bull shit story based on 15% of what he said. You did not listen to what he said in it’s entirety. Look it up. Listen to it. Fake news

  2. Who gives a fock what the media thinks?
    They are to report the truth, not make up their
    paid agenda as soros shills.



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