*WAPO Reporter Sneaks a Shot at Rex Tillerson’s Personal Notes

What a scummy move, and it is perfectly left-wing.

It’s the type of move a person would make when they whine that their personal emails were hacked even though it was they who broke the law by using unsecured servers for sending classified information.

It’s the type of move a person would make when they enthusiastically vote for the type of whiner described above.

*GP- (Gateway Has Run a Retraction Because Truong Says It Wasn’t Her.)

The Liberal Media Becomes More Unhinged by the Day–
Washington Post reporter Doris Truong was caught on film sneaking photos of Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson’s personal notes at his hearing today before the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee today in Washington DC.

Truong obviously forgot about the cameras running on his seat during the break.
What an idiot.


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18 Comments on *WAPO Reporter Sneaks a Shot at Rex Tillerson’s Personal Notes

  1. Is there like a “beat a reporter” monthly website you
    can donate to, and they provide picture updates of “your”
    reporter you donated to after they are beaten?

    Just wunnerin…..

  2. Maybe she could turn herself into the victim here…was recorded without her knowledge/consent.

    Funny to watch! Waiting for her reaction/response.

  3. acts like this may not be illegal but they sure as hell are unethical. Immediately pull her access to any government meetings. Send her to cover the obozo family’s retirement. That should be penalty enough.

  4. What the hell is she packing in that backpack?
    How did that make it through the security check?
    At stadiums, you are limited to a small see through bag.
    Why is she allowed to conceal what she is carrying?

  5. Agatha: I was thinking the same thing. Security staff knows who she is. Senate Republicans need to find out who she is and yank her press pass. What is really galling is how she was apparently bragging to the grey-haired guy what she did, laughing about it and then repeated the act!

  6. Not so interested in Hillary’s notes after the debates, though. But in all fairness, the Hillary flunkies did run up there pretty quickly to grab them off her podium. Gotta be quicker than that, honey.

  7. Ah come on, people. She was just doing her job in the MSM honored way: lie, cheat, make up stories, cover up the sins of liberals, fake news, fake news, fake news.

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