Trump, Get Out That SCOTUS List Again – Looks Like Another Pick Coming After the Next Harsh Winter – Yikes

I can’t decide if Ruth Bader Ginsburg is more like Captain Pike or Stephen Hawking in this clip. Let’s just call her Captain Hawking.

This is painful to watch.

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  1. I kept waiting for her to start describing what FDRs china pattern looked like and how much she enjoyed clerking under John Jay.

  2. Bless her heart. If she was a roll of tp, she’d be just a few squares from the cob.

    I’ve heard more stimulating and coherent conversation from people gumming Jello at Brookdale Manor.

  3. What is most troubling about watching this mangled heap of flesh as the flies circle around her, as she mumbles like a child, is the imbeciles in the audience that clapped for her. Very impressive…. watching a near death relic being kept alive most likely by childs blood as she strains to keep her dentures from ejecting. Something is terribly wrong that she is still alive and Antonin Scalia is not.

  4. God help us …. it needs to be asked of the Marxist/Fascists/DemocRats … is this what you want to rule over your children? ….. really?

  5. For a minute there…i thought she was alreeady dead.

    A while back the media was commenting on her work out regime and how vigorous it was.

    Tossing the bullshit flag here…after seeing that I doubt she can even dress herself.

    She can’t work. Somebody else is doing it, instead.

  6. Geez, just watched that. I was repeatedly wondering if she needed to be ‘ woked up ‘ again or have the EMTs called. I half expected to see her keep rolling forward and to her left onto the floor.

    If you thought the Dems are in a panic over Kavanaugh’s nomination by Trump. They’ll be in a hyper-panic after seeing this. And respond by quadrupling their attacks on Trump in an effort to stop him seating another SCOTUS member.

  7. My aunt will be 100 in January and she is much more alive and quicker in her speech than RBG. Plus my aunt was on the Trump Train right from the start. Back when, my sister and I asked her what she thought of Zero, her words were, “Oh, f..k Obama.”

    I think my sister still has the video.

  8. She needs to have a psych eval called in for her.
    I bet if she read something, or you did the ‘I’m going to tell you three things’ and then asked her to recall either after a brief conversation, she would fail miserably.
    Her clerks are carrying her water- she only votes, just as lobbyists write the legislation that senators pass.
    The gloves are covering a rather bad case of ‘swamp hands’

  9. If she was ‘your’ grandmother, you would insist that she be cared for in a nursing home or at the least- assisted living place.
    All of us age differently, I know. Some of my peers can’t hear very well – I’m fine. I walk ‘funny’, but some others just put on their jogging shoes and take off.
    She is not irreplaceable, nor vital for the survival of our republic.
    She should retire.

  10. What kind of just system has a person so clearly incapable of clear headed, quick on her feet, rational decision making as she is, be one of 9 individuals out of 330 000,000 that has the final say on what is the law in this country?

  11. Thank you RBG for being too smart to retire during Obumbler’s second term. Like so many of her Iiberal mindset, she believed that President Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton was going to nominate her replacement on the Supreme Court. Now, she is about to become a dead woman walking, as her supporters prop her up with the hope that she will outlive President Trump’s successor after his Impeachment and conviction in the Senate.

    I hope that Clarence Thomas retires next year, so that he can be replaced with a much younger Conservative Justice.

  12. the gargoyle speaks. The need to hold a mirror up to her lips to check for life.

    Trump is making a list, checking it twice.

  13. Does she smoke pot? Because I heard some Spiccoli there.

    But seriously, Will she survive until 2020 is the question. A horrible question, but a correct one. What’s gonna happen?

  14. I hope Trump and the other justices see this video, but then again, they already know she is incompetent to serve as a SCOTUS.

  15. Captain Hawking! Perfect send up! These “for life” positions need to end. When having and deciding based on “Law” only the SCOTUS and politicians are exempt from retirement. WHY? Forget the “Term Limits” argument. Would you vote yourself out a job? No, not going to happen, yet we cannot get them to do and follow what these mentally ill anal orifices decide and make everyone else do. That deserves an Executive Order!

  16. Just so you all know, Ruthie and Scalia were best friends ‘off the court’ so to say….. litigating and professional / public opinions aside. I have heard this is what one of his clerks have said.

    Disagree with her opinions, not her looks or appearance.

    SO WHAT she looks and acts OLD???

    My 99 year old grandmother and 94 mother HAD OPINIONS.

    May heaven help us if THEY were on the SCOTUS…


  17. That’s one heavily medicated and feeble old woman. There’s absolutely no way she has the stamina to be doing all the reading and writing required to carry a full case load.

  18. Just as long as she is gone.

    Imgine if she dies on the same day as hillary clinton? – What holiday would we call it?

  19. If only the other “Shadow Government” would anti up and pay the alternate “James Dean” to take this one out, I’m sure that would be something they would not have any interest in. Unlike letting a Clinton breathing and needing taxpayers help to walk. “RGB found dead with a smile on her face”,,now that’s a headline!.

  20. @Mike Brown is an American Hero September 13, 2018 at 10:19 pm

    > What is most troubling about watching this mangled heap of flesh as the flies circle around her, as she mumbles like a child, is the imbeciles in the audience that clapped for her.

    So true. And so unlike the wise minds of the supreme court of the republic. Who insist that her voice is their voice.

  21. My Grand Mom, rest her soul, after I asked her about her next choice for president and she said “I like grapes”. At that time she was the same age as RGB. WTF? W meaning WHY. This is the understanding of LAW for the nation? Well, McCain somehow kept getting elected,,,

  22. It’s refreshing to see a Republican President appoint judges to the highest judicial in the land who aren’t on the fast train to early death and/or a Socialist.
    Soto, diabetic and fat, not good.
    Kegan, Jeff Toobin is her classmate and supporter.
    O’Baja chose poorly.
    Oh happy day.

  23. She can’t even hold her head up. Somebody needs to order an Independent physical for her to see if she is physically NO and mentally capable (probably NOT) of doing the job


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