Trump Hits His Old Buddy and Colluding Pal With 2 More Stiff Sanctions


[Trump’s] administration has intensified economic pressure on Moscow over what it describes as “malign Russian activity” in Ukraine and Syria and Russia’s attempts to disrupt western democracies.

Marshall Billingslea, the Treasury Department’s top terrorist financing official, acknowledged that the threat from Russia was “significant and continuing” but told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that without the sanctions “their behavior would be even further off the charts.”

He and the State Department’s top diplomat for Europe, Wess Mitchell, said Russia is feeling the impact, costing its economy tens of billions of dollars, with companies under sanctions losing a quarter of their operating revenue and having to shed employees.


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  1. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee, chaired by none other than 4’2” eyes of blue Bob Corker, is the official TDS Committee. They spend 90% hashing over how dangerous and unhinged Trump is v dictators of other countries.
    I’ll say one thing about Wess Mitchell… he’s an articulate, determined young man, who not only represents and supports his boss, but firmly pushes back against derogatory comments, stated or inferred. He put Corker in his place several times, even Bob Menendez toned down his rhetoric. The guys a rock star.

    Flake and Corker have hinted they’ll run in 2020. Hope they’re on the ticket together. Mutt and Jeff.


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