Trump Pardons Two Thanksgiving Turkeys, Though One ‘Refused to Concede and Demanded a Recount’

“Nonetheless, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I will be issuing both Peas and Carrots a presidential pardon,” Trump said.

“Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee that your pardons won’t be enjoined by the 9th Circuit — always happens.”

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12 Comments on Trump Pardons Two Thanksgiving Turkeys, Though One ‘Refused to Concede and Demanded a Recount’

  1. I find it odd that people vote on which turkey to pardon/ which turkey to become dead. LOL. I know they both get pardoned, but shit. It’s still weird. Don’t play with your food.

  2. @MJA – What?! Don’t play with your food!? Where’s the fun in that? On the Eastern Shore, I remember holding blue crab races before we’d scoop up all the contestants and toss them in the pot.

    Maybe you had to be there. IIRC, beer was involved.

  3. President Trump should pardon Ivanka for her email issue before the Democraps assign a special consul to dog her forever.

  4. @MJA – I do agree with you about the turkey pardon voting. A bit macabre for my tastes, and that sort of thing usually doesn’t bother me much.

    Now, if they were voting on which one to roast
    and which one to deep fry…!

  5. Tony R, we can’t have Trump laughing at the fed judges. The narrative is supposed to be that he is fuming as he is being boxed in by them. Fox is officially part of the gaslighter brigade now.

  6. Next year Trump should wheel out an ax and a stump and prepare them for dinner. On live TV. And name one of the Mueller.

  7. I just love this President.

    The poor stifled left has no humor or humanity. They see through Schitt colored eyes and have no heart.

  8. I think it’s funny that they try to hide the turkey’s identities behind names of vegetables. Peas? Carrots? Tater?

  9. @MJA and Uncle Al … RE: Playing with my food

    When I was a kid my mother made beef stew every Monday. I’d mash everything up into an oblong like pile of food and called it “The Great Wall Of Stew.” At which point I would “breach” the wall with my fork

    And I did this for years and years until my dad finally put his foot down and said, “You really should stop doing that, Lennie; you’re not setting a good example for your children.”

    Only one of the previous paragraphs is actually true


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