Trump Protestors Can’t Name One Thing Trump Has Said That’s Racist

I love how they claim Charlie Kirk is “brainwashed.”

I once asked a moron what he meant when he signed off every online comment with “have a progressive day!”

Finally he answer, “well if it you don’t know there is no point in trying to explain it to you.”

So I began answering some of his questions with lines that made little sense. The idiot actually asked me at some point what I meant by some of my answers.

Of course I answered with, “well if it you don’t know there is no point in trying to explain it to you.”

I think that idiot might be the guy in this clip-


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  1. Yep right back to the old seminar tactics they would teach leftists. When you are asked a question you don’t know the answer to or you can’t defend the bumper sticker talking point, then

    a) start telling them they are not being serious and you won’t discuss the issue with them anymore.

    Example (paraphrased from actual interview):
    Hannity – “You tell the common American citizen not to drive SUVs or fly on airplanes to stop global warming, but yet you ride around in limousines and fly on private jets. Will you stop using these modes of transportation?

    Robert Kennedy Jr – “Sean if you are not going to take this interview seriously, then I am going to end it right now.”

    Hannity – “I am being serious. Will you pledge to stop riding around in private limos and flying on private jets to help stop global warming.”

    RFK.JR – “I can’t talk to you if you don’t want to have a serious conversation.”

    b) Start the name calling to deflect.

    c) Ask who they get their news from. As soon as they answer, wave it off as nonsense. Dismiss and mock the news outlet as completely unreliable, even though they have never listened to a minute of airtime or read an article from the source.

    Example – Where did you hear that? Faux News? (waves hand in the air in dismissive gesture) Just as bad as Rush and Levin on Hate Radio.

    d) Turn back on the person and start singing or chanting like a little kid covering his ears and going “la-la-la-la-la”

    e) Use threat of or use direct violence to shut up the person.

    There is the leftist playbook in a nutshell, though I’m probably forgetting a thing or two.

  2. Whenever a prog makes some sort of bald assertion, I just reply “explain, please.” Generally, the conversation is over at that point.

  3. Hey, go easy. They are just doing their jobs. They are paid to stand at a certain place for a certain amount of time holding a sign. They are not paid to answer questions or even to know what the questions are about. Better to ask “Who do you work for?” “Who is paying you to protest?”

  4. It’s quite interesting to see J. Peterson’s assertions about the collective play out in real time. Paraphrasing: For the collective — or hive — or tribe — there is no discussion or negotiation on anything, because a collective has no individuals. Only individuals can conduct discussions or negotiations with individuals from other groups. Therefore, there are only two ways a collective can respond to a threat (criticism): capitulate or dominate/vanquish. And that is why everything the Left is involved in devolves into chaos. And it is why any individual member is annihilated if they think/speak/act on their own as an individual.

    Despite their all-around goofiness, I have no doubt that some of those Lefty geezers were about as shaken up as they’ve been in a long time — having someone actually call them out like that. I noticed, especially, that straw hat woman told Kirk that they couldn’t “talk with you!” Yeah, as long as she spews her ridiculous rhetoric with the chorus she feels safe and secure. I’ve noticed this with anyone like her who suddenly feels very frightened whenever their silly arguments are challenged — even in the most non-threatening ways. They just go nuttier than a Christmas fruitcake. They know they have absolutely no anchor in any primary sources to substantiate their “beliefs.”

  5. @HippieCritic — It sure can be. But I’ve changed my thinking about these displays. They can only support the conservative cause because nothing tells our story better — proves our point — than a bunch of badly-informed people responding to simple, reasonable questions with bumper sticker sloganeering. “Hitler!” “Racist!” “Xenophobe!” The frosting on the cake is their refusal to even engage in a non-threatening discussion or any attempt to rebut Kirk’s facts. There’s nothing complicated or difficult to understand about his question, but they still managed to flunk the test. It won’t be lost on anyone who may be rethinking their position.

  6. Blind hatred makes people stupid they can’t see reality through all that emotion. You can teach a dog to sit but you can’t teach him not to lick his ass.


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