Trump Shares This Graphic on Social Media

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  1. I think most conservatives are still in a sense of shock. I know I am. I think there’s going to be a lot of anger soon.

  2. I think we should redirect our energy from election reforms at the state level and just throw everything at electronically stealing the next presidential election. Lets Hack everything and take control of every server and ballot machine in the country. set the algorithm at +25% at the start and flip 50% of every Dem vote to an Rep.
    I think its the only way for true election reform. Fight Fire with Fire.

  3. I’m still pissed at how everyone just moves on (with the exception of mike lindell, sidney powell and lin wood). elected repubs – even trump supporters – don’t mention the election steal at all. the other day i heard some commercial on the radio from bill o’reily…..he started out by saying ‘by now you all know joe biden won the election…..’ NO, I know joe DIDN’T win the election! Its enough to make me a Q follower!

  4. inconvenient truths = debooonked far right-wing conspiracies.

    end times = when reality is dismissed as inaccurate.

    I can’t say how close we are to end times, but I can say that I haven’t seen a truthful unbiased publication from mainstream outlets in quite a while. Rather, I see published apologies for occasionally speaking truth.

  5. Need to put quotation marks and around “81,000,000” and a question mark afterwards. Then that graphic would be accurate.

  6. @Brad There’s a lot of anger NOW, but seems like we’re flailing without a clear sense of where to direct our resources, as we watch the Republicans settle into their dignified losers role. And the SC has proven they are not our friend.

    @Steve Brown. I do not want to move on.

  7. Another good one (found over at Woosterman this morning) and paraphrased:
    Jackass Joe is afraid to walk into Washington DC with 30K troops deployed to protect him.
    Donald Trump walked into North Korea alone.

  8. The thing is “ Jack Ass Joe” is a sock puppet. He’s inconsequential and we should stop focusing on him and start focusing on the persons actually setting policy.

  9. @Steve Brown March 11, 2021 at 8:16 am
    You’ve described the APATHY I’ve been ranting against to all that would listen for the passed 50 years, that has gotten Us into this quandary. Everytime an election came around, I’d always ask if the candidate for the office, would reduce the ‘bureaucracy’ of DC, and all I heard is “I’ll fight to change it.” And they did, they made it bigger, now we are neck deep in shit producing bureaucrats run by politicians too gutless to pump out the septic tank. Now there is pretty much only one way out of this. That “way” will take an ugly toll, unless the apathy is terminal.

  10. Everyone knows the election was stolen except the idiots.
    Even the liars know it was stolen.
    End the charade.

  11. I am unable to move on. I just cannot move on…

    The only way to move on from an alternate reality (a fantasy world) is to reveal and admit the truth.

  12. They stole the country before the election. The election was just a demonstration of it. Trump said the other day that they are destroying the country at the Southern border. The country was already destroyed. That’s why the border is open. America will not disappear overnight, but in 20 years it will be unrecognizable. A lot of people won’t even remember it. Their experience will be just a few paragraphs in a book taught in elementary school and forgotten 10 minutes later.

    Quiz question: “What was the United States of America”?

    Model answer: “The USA was an oppressive patriarchy of white-identified cis-males which forcefully dominated people of color from 1619 to 2020. It was brought down by the triumph of people of color and their allies through revolutionary action in 2020 with the final defeat of its corrupt, criminal leader, Donald Trump.”

  13. If HR1 passes, then fraud becomes the model for all future elections of consequence. Unless there are some dem senators willing to risk intense blowback (and there have to be enough to negate the Romney faction) we are screwed, glued and tattooed.

  14. Technically the single best argument for a fraudulent election in less than 100 words. (depends how you count numbers)

    Orange Genius!

  15. In about 2 years you all get to vote again.
    Trump has the right Idea in getting rid of weak re-pubes & Rino’s. It is currently the most effective move.
    The voting system must be cleaned up, which seems to be being attempted, and the Demos will wear the rage against their OPENLY STUPID POLICIES.

    I bet in 2 years that that you get back on track as a country.

    Canuckistan, Not so much.

  16. The election was most certainly stolen.
    There is NO legal recourse.
    The courts simply refuse.

    Let that sink in.

    DC is now the Forbidden City.
    Sock Puppet Joe is declining every day.
    We have NO IDEA who is working the sock (which is NOT the way self-government works) and the Armed Forces are on “Terror Alert” when the “Terror” is being manufactured by the same people who are decrying it.

    Let that sink in.

    izlamo delenda est …

  17. Does anyone else feel as if it’s the calm before the storm, or we’re in the eye of the hurricane? I just feel in my bones that the air is electrically charged and everything sort of seems unreal. Of course, my mind could be playing tricks on me.

  18. When you select instead of elect using voter fraud, printed ballots, trampling on rights and destroying integrity of elections, then silence those who pointed out the obvious, this is what you get.
    Some of the Republicans are complicit in this. RINOs and the leftists that are in the wrong party.


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