Trump should start cranking out the pardons

American Thinker:

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton appeared Monday night on the Lou Dobbs show on Fox Business, and he was a deadly serious man.  He said the proper constitutional remedy to the Deep State assault on the presidency is a blanket use of the pardon power, beginning with retired Army lieutenant general Michael Flynn.  Every potential legal target of Special Counsel Robert Mueller should also be pardoned.  The president doesn’t have to fire anyone.  He can simply take away legal jurisdiction through the exercise of his pardon power.

As the Supreme Court stated in 1866, in Ex parte Garland, the presidential pardon power is “unlimited.”  “It extends to every offense known to the law, and may be exercised at any time after its commission.”  In other words, it may be pre-emptive.  It’s not just after conviction, but before any criminal prosecution has even begun. read more


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  1. He’d better hurry before Mueller turns more over to the states attny’s like he did with NY. Trump can’t pardon state prosecutions.


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