Laura Loomer Asks James Comey… – IOTW Report

Laura Loomer Asks James Comey…

We weren’t messing around when we asked you to come up with a question to ask James Comey.

Laura Loomer messaged @Mr_Pinko asking for a question to ask James Comey. We turned to the family for suggestions.

Here is the video. Watch what happens.

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    WATCH: Right-wing conspiracy theorist kicked out of Comey book …

    2 hours ago – Notorious right-wing troll Laura Loomer was ejected from a book reading in New York City on Wednesday, after interrupting the event to scream at former FBI Director James Comey. Comey, the author of the new book, A Higher Loyalty, was doing a reading at the Barnes and Noble’s Union Square location, …

  2. jellybean “photo of Comey with the exit sign knocked catawampus”?

    Which one? Where? Watched the vid twice with great exitations. Didn’t spot it.

  3. Looks like Comey is popular with the older leftie ladies. They must love all the crying and trembling lips in his book. Funny thing is, every one of those hags in the room voted for Hillary and hated his Republican guts on October 29, 2016.

  4. I don’t understand democrats. On one hand they hate and blame Comey for costing Hillary the election, but now they love and defend the man because of his salacious and gossipy book that in no way affects the sitting president they hate so much.

  5. Dr Tar, it’s just because democrats are bratty children. They don’t know what they want, but they will throw a tantrum over it.


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