Trump slams “The Squad” in new video – IOTW Report

Trump slams “The Squad” in new video

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  1. Hey guys! Speaking of the squad, did you hear Omar is getting divorced, moved into a penthouse. Sounds like a single women on the available list. What a catch.

  2. SOMALI-American?! I don’t think so.

    You’re either AMERICAN-American, or you need to catch a catapult back to wherever the hell you came from. 😡

  3. The Islam MOD SQUAD SSLMS – (Surgically Syria Law Modified Squad).
    Does this have a release date on ABC, NBC or CBS yet?
    It’s certainly in the works,

  4. I favor the term “the squat”. The most dangerous aspect of these morons is their
    abyssmal ignorance on every topic.

  5. For Pressley they should have included her next line. At least she is black, or brown, which allows people to make excuses for her, but her next line was about gay voices and I don’t think she has much authority there.


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