Trump Spox Kayleigh McEnany Ends WH Presser With ‘Savage’ Questions of Her Own

PJMedia: White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany had one question for the White House press corps at Friday’s briefing.

In fact, this was one time that no hands went up at a White House press briefing room.

It’s probably because the question that was asked by McEnany of the assembled reporters was one to which they had no good answer.

The question?

Did anyone take it upon themselves to pose any questions about Michael Flynn and unmasking to President Obama’s spokesperson?

McEnany told the White House press corps at the end of the president’s coronavirus update, where he called for the opening of the nation’s churches, to show a little intellectual curiosity about President Obama’s role in the spying and unmasking of the Trump campaign and administration officials.

President Trump calls the spying scandal Obamagate.

McEnany’s complaint boiled down to this.

11 Comments on Trump Spox Kayleigh McEnany Ends WH Presser With ‘Savage’ Questions of Her Own

  1. The “press” axt Preznint Clinton about his underwear (seriously).
    The “press” axt Preznint Obola about his golf.
    The “press” kowtows to totalitarians, nazis, communists, and other anti-American filth.

    Nothing in the “press” should be confused with the acquisition of facts.

    God Bless her for helping the “press” look like the stooges and sycophants they are.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. This is pretty mild. It’s time to expose the press as the Chinese/Globalist/Communist agents they really are. Expose them and attack them at every opportunity with strong verbage.

  3. Too bad she was not spokesman 65 years ago. Maybe, maybe we would have an honest press ; not likely, but maybe

  4. She’s perfect for President Trump. If there has to be these pointless, face time grabbing assholes shouting out vapid & inane questions, than Kayleigh is the great leveler.

    I’m not saying give this administration Obama style tongue bathes but c’mon, some Asian cunt saying the President is racist because he said for her to “ask China” is typical of their horseshit.

  5. Why are any of those cruds even in there? They are ‘NOT the PRESS’ but are extremely well paid propagandist hacks for the DemonRAT Party!

  6. They’ll never learn to axe the right questions, but it’s fun to see them treated like the childish scum they are.😁


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