POTUS: ‘We’re not going to close the country’ if there’s a 2nd wave of coronavirus cases


President Trump acknowledged Thursday that there could be a second wave of the coronavirus epidemic later this year, but flatly stated he wouldn’t let any further outbreaks shutter the economy again.

“People say that’s a very distinct possibility,” Trump said when asked a possible second wave while in Michigan. “It’s standard. And, we’re going put out the fires. We’re not going to close the country.”

Trump’s comments came as he was touring a Ford Motor Co. plant outside of Detroit that has converted its automobile manufacturing facility into one making ventilators. During a speech at the plant, the president praised Ford workers for their efforts to produce thousands of ventilators during the pandemic.

“The global pandemic proves once and for all that for America to be a strong nation, America needs to be a manufacturing nation,” Trump said. “I’m fighting to bring back our jobs from China and many other countries.”

Conservative radio host Buck Sexton said Trump had told this to him during a White House interview Wednesday, saying, “We will not do a lockdown for the second wave that is likely to come in the winter.”

During his speech, the president also lashed out at China for its role in the coronavirus pandemic.

“It came in from China and it should have been stopped in China,” he said.

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  1. He should have never declared the national emergency that closed America the first time, if he hadn’t the whole thing would have played itself out and been over by now instead of sitting and waiting to start over again.

  2. He knows he was snookered by these “experts”, probably realized it months ago. He’s not the kind of man that’ll be the second time, shame on me guy.

  3. There WILL be a second wave – we have no “herd” immunity.
    Which is a direct consequence (and intention) of the illegal “lock-down.”

    The Wuhan Flu is STILL the flu – and will respond in all particulars as a flu.

    President Trump will be blamed for the second wave worse than he’s been blamed and abused, so far.

    The Demonrats and their Media and Academic flunkies conspired (not colluded) with the Chi-Coms to spread this flu with malice aforethought. The numbers have been purposely inflated along with the hysterical Media “coverage.”

    President Trump needs to be aware. He has NO FRIENDS in the Media, Academia, the Spook Agencies, the Armed Forces, the Political Arena, the “Legal” or “Judicial” universe, Hollyweird, Wall Street, or Madison Ave. Only on Main Street do we truly appreciate his efforts on our behalf – but we’re gutless sheep who will bolt and the first sound of trouble.
    He has ephemeral allies – nothing more (if I were him I’d keep Kushner at arm’s length).

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. We will have a revolution if they try to impose a second shutdown due to the Corona virus. I believe that too many democrap governors would try to impose martial law in that case which will lead to war. The American people have had it with this shutdown and will not tolerate another.

  5. In the U.S., point zero zero whatever percent of people under 60 died in the first wave. The first wave was a leftist manufactured crisis. The second wave is a leftist manufactured fantasy.

  6. “We will have a revolution if they try to impose a second shutdown due to the Corona virus.”


    Hear that sort of “revolution” talk all the time but nothing ever comes from it.

    People as a whole today always choose to comply instead of die and hunt down those that don’t.

    There may be enough political bitching to prevent or stop it, but it certainly won’t come anywhere near rising to the level of revolution.

  7. “And, we’re going put out the fires.”

    Don’t know what that means, but a lot of tyrannical governors will take it as a green light for a round two shutdown. So, please stop saying things like that, Mr. President.

  8. Trump needs to get the DOJ to lean on a lot more state and local tyrants right now, and strip them of their illegal authority. So when the SeCoNd waVe comes, the petty tyrants’ actions will be tempered with a little fear. The way I see it, the DOJ Civil Rights division should be all over this. Unleash the Gulfstreams, to cities and states hither and yon.


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