Trump – The Messenger

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  1. I wouldn’t click on that if I were you. Typical Phishing attempt.
    Just Don’t Do it!

    This is a youtube video. Clicking is not nefarious. – bfh

  2. It’s from LV, a year ago. Not long after Tlaib’s infamous use of the same epithet against him. It was fun to watch the media turn on a dime and scold him after celebrating Tlaib’s insult.

    And didn’t we just sign a great trade deal with those same Chinese m—-erf—-ers?

  3. This one was right up there with POTUS Trump’s wet racoon/hairdo joke! Loved it!

    I don’t know when he actually said this — or where — but it was posted to YT in 2011.

    Don’t know what Sarthurk is talking about. What are you talking about, Sarthurk?

  4. AA, Sarthurk I believe was referring to a now deleted comment from someone making money doing something. The ht on this story should have been credited to you. BFH owes you one.

  5. It’s okay Joe6. I think Fur was being chivalrous by not attributing. It’s more likely, between the two of us, that you would be amused by Trump’s use of the “M-F” word. LOL!!


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