Trump Wins Presidential Primary in Pennsylvania – IOTW Report

Trump Wins Presidential Primary in Pennsylvania


President Trump won the presidential primary in Pennsylvania Tuesday night, the Associated Press reported.

Pennsylvania is Trump country!

A local reporter in Pittsburgh last week noticed that there are virtually no Biden signs anywhere in Pennsylvania – but there are lots of Trump signs!

Trump won the Pennsylvania primary about a week after he held a massive rally in Schnecksville. more here

8 Comments on Trump Wins Presidential Primary in Pennsylvania

  1. You were hard pressed to find a Biden sign here in Michigan in 2019 and you would see literally Trump with multiple signs, flags and bumper stickers everywhere.
    But here I am suffering through a Biden presidency after he won (stole) the state.

  2. I read a post from the traitor on Twitter. He said they are going to drop the fine.

    Oooo, then that’s ok, you lying, Truth-hating, quasi-Christian (if he really is), sick excuse for a human.

  3. In 2020 Trump was leading by 800,000 votes in Pennsylvania when 6 states mysteriously shut down the count. When they resumed 1 1/2 hours later Biden was “mysteriously” ahead. They fully plan for history to repeat itself in a few months. As the greatest country in the world, it’s over. It was great while it lasted.

  4. One of the MSMs today (they pop up and I don’t always recognize which one – but they all suck) said that lots of voters voted against Trump. As if he lost, if you go by that untruthful statement.

    Like Pinocchio’s nose, the lies get bigger every day.


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