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Trump/Clinton Live Blog

Here is where we’ll share thoughts, reactions and opinions during the live Trump/Clinton debate.

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  1. in an uncharacteristic exercise in self-flagellation, I’m watching the lead-in on CNN. All I can suggest to the rest of you is FOR GOD’S SAKE, DON’T WATCH CNN!

  2. Brit Hume, more like butt fume. Shadup, flatulent boi!

  3. I still think Trump should have reserved 4 chairs in the front row with the names of the people murdered in Benghazi plastered on them for Hillary to look at.

  4. Did I see bill and hill arrive in the same vehicle and Bill go on into the building leaving Hillery to make her own way in?

  5. I caught 52 pre-debate shows on TV and radio.
    The weird thing is every one of them (but CNN which said nothing but lies) said THE EXACT SAME THING.
    – Hillary needs to be likable
    – Trump needs to look presidential

  6. My GD power keeps going off. It shut off at 8:38 and I was certain I was going to miss it. But it kicked back on again. According to the power company all is fixed. We’ll see.

  7. this just in from the MSM …. Trump lost!

  8. What internet site is broadcasting the debate?

  9. God! Fox is just as bad as CNN … Kelly & the Bret

  10. Non-partisan committee chooses Lester.

  11. C-SPAN streaming. No comments, just the debate

  12. Please, I am listening on radio station WINS-AM in New York. I need an unbiased opinion of how she looks.

    I mean health-wise, not beauty-wise.

  13. Did you see the picture on Twitter of the ticket for tonight’s debate? Hillary’s name is spelled wrong. Hahahahahahaha!

  14. Can’t wait to see which drapes she elected to wear.

  15. Bill Clinton just walked in with his fly down.

  16. Red and, of course, no flag pin on the hag

  17. So glad they are airing Fox news coverage on local air antenna tv.

    The moderator is an asshole progressive. Annoying faggot.

  18. Already, being at Hofstra is an advantage for the progs.

  19. Hillary is already shifting her feet. She’ll never last.

  20. Arrogant communist bitch. She’s blinking a lot.

  21. Trump is laser glaring… Cool

  22. Donald, it’s good to be with you.


  23. 6 years of job growth according to Holt. Gave his bias away.

  24. job and wage growth….BS…challenge it Donald

  25. Can’t help but feel that I am wasting 90 minutes of my life.

  26. The question was about creating jobs and putting more money in Americans’ pockets. Hillary says paid family leave, profit-sharing, and equal pay for women. Um, Hillary, what about jobs???

  27. Hillary knows every fucking question and has a prepared answer which is as obvious as can be. Fucking rigged debate

  28. “Trumped Up Trickle Down”

    Didja work all week on that one, doll?

  29. Greetingsfromyonkers, she looks fine so far, but wait till the meds start wearing off.

  30. Personal attacks from Hillary. She’ll regret that.

  31. She’s lost.
    He explains how companies are leaving because of taxes. She thinks lowering taxes on companies is stupid.

  32. LOCO, I don’t hear it, Again, One American News

  33. I’m taking minute 53 in the betting pool, for Hillary’s fatal stroke.

  34. Let it becsaid now that Hillary attacked Trump first.

  35. She thinks she’s a genius. Why have an NBC cult member ask questions?

  36. As dangerous as this might be, I have a full zoom on her eyes.

  37. Good rebut by Trump. What’s up with the sniff by Trump?

  38. Earlier, Slick Willy shook hand with Melania. Bill had trouble walking away.

  39. Oooo, Lester want to interrupt, and Trump has none of it. YAY!!!

  40. She refers to him a Donald, not Mr. Trump. He refers to her as Secretary Clinton.

  41. Marty Feldman in a wig.

  42. Good old Donald injects twice now on her time….she’s gonna get rattled.

  43. Uh ohh, Trump is nervously sniffing. Can’t blame him for his facial expressions. Hellary is an expert liar.

  44. What “experts?” I can find an “expert” on anything for any position. Clean energy as subsidized by the government is a flop and a drain. Good on Donald for mentioning that the solar investment was a disaster.

  45. Hillary’s writing “get my shot ready. Make it a double!”

  46. We heard the same clean energy BS 8 years ago, & it was a bust. She’s blabbing from Obama’s mouth.

  47. I am too nervous to watch. I have it on, but muted.

  48. My husband’s coattails it is.
    My hubby did a good job.

  49. The real Trump just gut punched Hellary – 30 years of nothing.

  50. Trump: Keep hammering her on not doing ANYTHING she says she’s planning to do when she had some influence (30 years). Bill signed NAFTA! (Good, got that in.)

    Killery: “Holding people accountable (?)” That’s a laugh!

  51. When she was in the NY Senate???? She did nothing. She promised jobs up State, and none came> WTF!

  52. Now he’s saying “Secretary Clinton” like it means “cocksucker”.

  53. He’s cranking up the heat and she will get flustered. Yeehaw

  54. Yeah, we’ve read the reviews on that book. lol

  55. I muted it the second she opened her lying pie hole.
    Closed Captioning is the only reason I’m watching.

  56. Trump is hitting hard and Hellary is going into girly victim mode.

  57. Moderator letteing them go. Favors Trump.

  58. She’s a wind-up dolly. One campaign cliche after another. Pap with no zap.

  59. Hillary is speeching Donald is reacting.
    Turn it around Don.

  60. I think her left eye is slipping. I’ve been zoomed on it now for ten minutes and fell just slightly dizzy.

  61. Donald did start off sniffing like he might have a slight cold.

  62. O jeez now she’s hawking her jiffy “facthecker” l o l

  63. WOW!
    No wonder you’ve been fighting ISIS your entire adult life.

  64. She tells you how to fight ISIS on her website. LOL

  65. Their plan never adds a nickel to the national debt. Phhhht.

  66. Macarthur lol got her again

    steady there donald!

    Seriously. He can’t turn this into a rally.

  67. Liar Hillary Clinton is going to fact check for you .

    Got that? lol

  68. now its her right eye. maybe they’ll merge.

  69. I have to say, Hillary is keeping a better demeanor that Trump so far.

  70. Her strategy plan must be to throw him off balance, get him pissed off.
    Keep your cool Donald.

  71. This is going to be the narrative folks… that the negotiator doesn’t listen, he interrupts.

  72. Did Hellary really think Trump was going to play nice. She doesn’t scare him. She has the nerve to talk about tax loop holes for the rich.

  73. She’s going to fall apart. the smile is failing.

  74. Make those evil rich pay their fair share🙊
    Trickle down works every time, bitch.
    Tax increases and high minimum wages destroy jobs every time, bitch.

  75. “Trumped up, trickle down” srsly, they spent a week in tbe bunker for that? Drink a shot everytime she says it.

  76. Sorry Don. Speak to the issues, don’t interrupt dont just react.

  77. Not gonna watch it any longer.
    Pure BULLSHIT.

    izlamo delenda est …

  78. Wow. The filings. He was ready for that tax q.

  79. Something about Mary hair.
    Michael Jackson / Peter Pan cheeks. Couple with a voice thar scrapes the chalkboard. Well, the EMTs won’t have to worry about her clothing.

  80. “Donald, you live in your own reality.”

    Audience on Trump’s side!

    Like HER pampered life in Chappaqua is in any way authentic.

  81. She’s got her smug, inevitable coronation face on tonight. They must have gotten this pharmas right tonight. We’ll see how it wears.

  82. Trump will release his tax returns when Cankles releases her emails !!
    Zing !!

  83. He challenges her to cough up the deleted e-mails.


  84. Trying the Dingy Harry – didn’t pay taxes bit.

  85. Hillary is going to go there — “he has something to hide” ???

  86. She has the upper hand.
    He should just talk on the issues, he is reacting.

  87. Audience, stop clapping and yelling! (for Trump)

  88. She has all these details about Trumps taxes.
    I wonder why Lester asked this question?

  89. She needs a cough break. Chairman Xi, Putin, and Tehran are laughing.

  90. benswan – we’ll see. good cal i think

  91. Hillary: We must maintain the serf / oligarch paradigm.

    Bow to Zod.

  92. Emails: Hang on, folks. He’ll smoke it.

  93. Aaannnd she’s gone from smiling to full-snotty.

  94. Don’t go in the weeds about finances… zzz zzzzzzz zzzz zzzzzz

  95. Hillary: Trump will keep money for schools and health care.

    Translation: Trump will remove money for the Marxist indoctrination centers and Planned Infanticide.

  96. Scratching her nose. Med boost at the break.

  97. Bobble head and blinking. Back to him not paying taxes.

  98. How about the people stiffed by the clinton foundation?

  99. That woman is an evil, evil person. It’s all going to blow up in her face.

  100. What were the topics tonight? I’m pretty sure Hillary is nowhere near them. Now she’s just smearing him gratuitously.

  101. She’s accusing Trump of stiffing his suppliers.
    That’s rich…she’s so cheap she even stiffs waitresses.

  102. LMFAO. SHe sure met a lot of laborers who been screwed.

  103. She keeps offering the dolts their free stuff. Free, college, baby sitting, share company profits, free ice cream is next.

  104. He’s beginning to wear her out.

    The harder she tries to make him look like a bad guy, the more she exposes herself to her nefarious indiscretions.

  105. OMG people that love him and Hillary doesn’t

  106. Hillary doesn’t know crap about business.

    If my father was still alive and in the audience, he’d charge the stage and slip this stupid cow into next week.

  107. WTF Trump you had her on the email shit and then you got all defensive so fucking ridiculous she KNOWS ALL THE FUCKING QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!

  108. Oh, great…race relations.
    This should be good.
    Obama has set race relations back 50 years.

  109. Hellary the Squanderor making up crap about Trump’s businesses. She’s never run a legitimate business.

  110. She is fading and fading fast. I can’t listen to this all at once – go away and come back and it is very noticeable.

  111. Race – Healing divide by HRC. She’ll t it up for T. So far, platitudes. Not answering a question.

  112. He’s sniffing because he’s a tad over-amped and feeling some strain. He breathed like that when he first started addressing those enormous crowds. He needs to stop feeling defensive and feeling on the ropes. Clinton is doing well, but she is beginning to sound very canned and preachy. A turn off. His advantage is that he is not turning to canned speech or cliches. He’s coming off authentically.

    He needs to hit her point by point and then go beyond.

  113. Reformng the justice law she loved when hubby passed it.

  114. Went to a NeverTrump site and they are openly rooting fr Hillary in the comments.

    “Go Hillary!!!” was a well thumbed up comment.

  115. Law and Order! We need law and order in our country

    Tru dat!

  116. She keeps looking down like she is reading something.

  117. Hillary’s home town is a war zone. Take that, bitch!

  118. Ok, I finally get it. Her podium is bigger making her look slimmer. Very tricky

  119. Is hil reading from notes? She keeps looking down at the podium.

  120. 4,000 people killed in Chicago since BO took office.
    That gun control thing is sure working for them, ain’t it?

  121. Guns are the leading cause of death for young African Americans? Wrong Mrs. Secretary, Young African Americans with illegal guns are the leading cause of death of young African Americans.

  122. Trump OWNS this debate. He’s dicating the rules to the referee.

  123. Somebody told her through the ear pearl to stop smirking so smugly.

  124. Law and order, good.

    She is preaching to the progressives with their heads in the clouds.

  125. Too funny.
    Hillary is painting a rosy picture of the black community.
    It sounds just like Mayberry, USA.


  127. He hasn’t laid enough leather on a very vulnerable candidate.

  128. Hillary just had an idea.
    She wants to have a “plan”.

  129. She don’t feel no ways…..because she doesn’t go to TheCommunity. Why a hyphen for one group, but not the other? Common sense gun measures? Whose definition?

  130. Don id a rambling mess and seems so inarticulate with well thought out responses and attacks.

    She takes good swipes and leaves the door open for attack and Trump is reacting instead of attacking.

    She is attacking an Don is rambling

  131. She hesitated and said “gun safety” instead of “control”.
    The earpiece is working.

  132. Hillary is starting to short circuit a bit… either that or she is cheating with notes on her podium.

  133. She’s worried about people on the “no fly list” buying guns?

    But doesn’t worry about the hundreds of thugs flooding across the southern border.
    Denial ain’t just a river in Africa.

  134. implicit bias?
    You mean like Mark Cuban said two years ago?

  135. “Implicit bias” what a fucking crock of shit. Eff you, Hillary.

  136. Trump knows “NRA” is a trigger word. It’s getting to her.

  137. Stop and frisk was not ruled to be unconstution by any court of appeal.
    She wrong.

  138. Hillary doesn’t stop talking, Donald in on the defensive.

  139. I can’t watch!!! This like the Triple Crown where I wait to find out if the horses got across the finish line without breaking a leg before I watch a recap of the race.

    I trust what you guys say.

    Fingers crossed for a Bingo.

  140. Crime down in NYC; Homicides up big.
    She wrong. Google.

  141. I’m with you, illustr8r. Had to turn it off.

  142. EYE ROLLLLLLLLLllllllll

    I prepared to be president….. pfffft.

  143. 0bama is HALF black, you racist prick.

  144. Cons say the darndest things:
    Martha Stewart / Hillary
    It’s a good thing.

  145. Was that Marsha Brady just now? I really haven’t been paying attention.

  146. Left eye took wild swing while Trump talking about birthers

  147. I can’t watch. Hoping for the best, expecting the worst. : (

  148. Owns it. Debating two people and kicking two cases.

  149. I can’t watch her. I’m just listening to C-Span on the TV in living room, and hanging out in the kitchen where I can’t see her.

  150. Trying to nail him with “racism”. Old worn out card.

  151. How does she overcome Blumenthall on birther. big dodge. attacks him instead.

  152. Hellary continues to lie. Murders are up in NY.

    Hellary prepared to be dictator on her break.

  153. Trump was doing well earlier with undecides via Frank Luntz on Twitter but Hillary has rallied. Ugh.

  154. Act holier than thou, was a zinger.

    But he is getting slaughtered.

  155. Drudge poll: Who won the debate?
    Trump: 92.78% (12,445 votes)
    Clinton: 7.22% (969 votes)

  156. Who’s behind our secrets being stolen? That answer might be found in Hillary’s emails. The ones she deleted.

  157. Cyber security?
    Trump should be able to hit this out of the park!

  158. I despise the sound of Hellary’s voice ALMOST as much as 0bama’s

    I can barely take any more of this superannuated lying hag’s slogans and pandering

  159. Here it comes -Email blast. Do it T, do it.

  160. Could someone let me know when she falls on the floor like a sack of potatoes and starts flopping around like a fish>

  161. Hillary is gonna get tough on those hacking Russian hackers, aaaand now she’s smearing trump about his hillary email joke.

  162. Maybe a guy on his bed that weighs 400 pounds… lol

    Is he talking about bloggers???

    (By the way… I’m not overweight.)

  163. Trump is a large mouth bass chomping at the bait tossed his way. Never expected it. He’s blowing it.

    You and I could do better. I don’t wish to hear about your properties or your endorsements.

  164. Debbie Whatshername, YOUR PEOPLE, screwed Bernie.

  165. Mugging and pulling faces never looks good on a split screen.

  166. Trump just missed a huge opportunity to skewer Hillary on the cyber computer hacking topic.

  167. Does she really want to talk about Syria?
    Hahaha…she’s bragging about her imaginary foreign policy accomplishments.

  168. H: we’re making progress with isis. No, isis is making progress thanks to you and barry. They are waging jihad in America now you ignorant bitch.

  169. OMG how can he not mention her transmitting classified info over her server? WTF

  170. Stepping back… not critiquing content, just style and temperament…
    Hillary is winning.

    Content-wise, Trump is winning. But he’s having trouble articulating it concisely.

  171. @BFH, I hear what you’re saying.
    But, he’s throwing down a lot of facts, and I think they will resonate.

  172. He should have said, “yeah Hillary, you’re handing government information on a silver platter to all these hackers by having an unsecured server in your fucking basement”.

  173. True story… the day I saw Trump at Winged Foot golf course was the same day Ghaddafi was having a private party there.

  174. Zonga and PHenry, he’s not at his best, but he’s a rally guy He’s not hitting on all cylinders tonight.

  175. She is a polished turd tonight. Trump got outdone by the politician 🙁

  176. I hope Norman.

    I see room for lefty spin that might stick with lofos.

  177. The new T-1000 Hillary-bots are amazingly life like

  178. who prepared him for this debate ? He is totally fucking it up. ITs a mess-Its a disaster–same fucking shit he always says– I am sorry but he has totally missed his opportunity to crush her on practiclly every single question–I am profoundly disappointed.

  179. Obama and Clinton created a vacuum that created ISIS.
    “And now they’re in 30 countries, and YOU’re going to stop them?”
    True dat.

  180. He’s totally on the defensive now. Just look at the shit smirk on the cunts face.

  181. What ar the chances Hillary will say it’s unnecessary to have another debate.
    She is probably getting closed to her Prednizone limit.

  182. She’s giving him WAAAAAAY too much rope.

    He’s using WAAAAAAY too much of it.

  183. It is obvious that Holt is working off of Hillary’s “Trump’s Lies” talking points which the media repeated all weekend. It’s an official media pile on. listen to the laughers and the clappers in the peanut gallery. Their smirking wonk girl is back.

  184. The cybersecurity issue and Hillary bringing up the Russians were big fat softball lobed to Trump for him to knock it out of the park. He is totally unprepared and thinks he can just wing it. He rambles and rambles.

  185. She’s taking credit for “driving Iran to the negotiating table without firing a single shot”.
    Is she nuts?
    Everybody know that the “deal” with Iran is a fucking joke.

  186. Trump’s getting too emotional about the personal criticism and spending WAY too much time denying things. He needs to calm down and let this stuff roll off his back.

  187. Bring up the ransom money paid to Iran for our captured military members.

  188. A woman who hits a SS agent in the head with a Bible should not have her hands anywhere near the nuclear button.

  189. He lost it over Iraq. He had so many opportunities. He could have brought up her refugee program instead of fighting about Iraq and Hannity.

  190. This is gut wrenching. Trump looks like he did zero prep

  191. Thats it folks. Say goodbye to the USA. She has totally blown his shit up. We are fucked

  192. Hillary is just giving Trump rope and baiting him and letting him ramble and hang himself. He is in pure reaction mode. He should be attacking the candidate that has so much dirty laundry. Instead she attacks him and lets him react so that it keeps her dirty laundry from getting aired.

    Trump somewhat got her on ISIS but it could’ve been so much better.

  193. She looks like she is on heavy duty pain killers. Something is off with her.

  194. She has to be having these talking points fed to her — notes, ear piece, whatever — whatsup?

  195. Why doesn’t he answer a question? What is the question? What is he going on about?

  196. I guess Trump’s biggest problem right now is that the government gave him too much freedom of speech.

    Whoever is coaching him needs to be FIRED.

  197. Trump did well at times but the politician won this one. His leaning into the mic with, “no” was childish. He missed a huge opportunity to hit her on exposing classed information on her server. Missed a chance to hit her with building a wall to secure the country. Advisers need to clean this act up before the next debate.

  198. Words matter when they are classified and in unsecure email, bitch.

  199. Uh oh. She’s slipping into her shrillery voice. Where some see her being on point and steady, I see same-old, same-old, politispeak. Sure, sure, you will, Killery.

  200. I cant believe how badly Trump fucked this up. Please Julian Assange–Wikileaks–for gods sake anyone please help us

  201. Worried, she looks better and even if she sounds canned, she is looking presidential.

  202. It’s hard looking at the right side of the screen, to see Hillary Clinton sincerely lying to us.

  203. Hillary’s had 24/7 coaching. She’s better prepared.
    Truth always wins out in the end, though.

  204. Uh-oh…he’s talking about her stamina.
    I don’t know if that’s a good move.

  205. “Truth always wins out in the end, though.”


  206. I hope that this does not shake his confidence for the next debate.

  207. Trump looks ridiculous.
    He should have nailed her on these topics:
    -Cybersecurity: a woman who had her own personal server to send out classified information and we want to entrust her with cybersecurity

    -Russia and cybersecurity: HRC came to State wiht her plan to “Reset” Russia relations. What happened? Now you’re attacking and accusing them. I thought you reset relations.

    -ISIS: you opened the door for ISIS and left our guys in Libya to die because of the chaos you created. The foreign policy she was behind has been a disaster at every turn.

    THese topics were so ready to be hit out of the park. If he didn’t do it tonight, he probably won’t be able to later in the debates.

    Victory to HRC. If anybody is kind of fence riding this election, HRC came off much better tonight and won the debate.

  208. … Or gets our guys killed in Benghazi. There’s her stamina.

  209. He gets the last huzzah on the “experience” thing.

  210. And yet another missed opportunity on stamina.

    Hillary wouldn’t have needed to sit for 11 hours if she’d had done the right thing in the first fucking placed.

  211. She is not besting him. She is going for the victim/woman BS card. Low.

  212. Stamina in front of a congressional committee – her own doing because of breaking laws.
    Bringing up the Rosy O’Donnell fat pig again.

  213. i can’t wtch any more…finally! Trump getsxsome whoops!

    Of course, now she goes to smears which have nothing to do with anything! She may sell past the close.

  214. OMG HE IS SUCH A FUCKING IDIOT!!!!! He is pathetic and ridiculous and I CANNOT believe how she has fucking blown him up. I have completely lost any hope.

  215. She has an ear piece people! She is not looking at notes, she is listening! What a fraud!

  216. He keeps complaining about commercials negative ads.

    very disappointed.

  217. Final question. Hillary is prepared to cheat and kill, if that’s what it takes to win the election.

  218. Anyone on this comment stream could have disemboweled Hillary tonight.

    Trump FAILED.

    disappointment. It’s what’s for dinner.

    I had to turn it off. Guts are churning. Considering another 8 years of this has mind spinning about selling the homestead and fading into a non person

    So many blown opportunities to take this bitch down and trump was trying to sell me a time share.

  219. And he could have thrown deplorables in her face in return but he goes off on some rant. Ugggghhg

  220. H: Thanks Lester. Check your bank account. wink, wink.

  221. Hope nobody else watched, that sucked lol gotta turn it off before the talking heads have their orgasms.

  222. Hey. Jessee fck’n Jackson was in the front row. Racebaiting mofogger.

  223. I had the tv on with no sound.
    She smirked a lot- looked smug- and you could tell by her expressions that “I got him on this one!!”

    New debate prep for him next round?

  224. Listen up, friends, this is not an ordinary election year at all. She just reconfirmed for me (and I’m sure a majority of Americans) that she is just a slick pol who will keep us going in the wrong direction. He missed some opportunities, but there will be other opportunities. She’s the one who called him names and debased him in ways that should never be acceptable to Americans.

  225. @Jim Codeine it is a great cough suppressant

  226. BFH, I just can’t listen to the spin. Yiu have a tougher constitution. I need some Jim Beam.

  227. And..he was talking straight to the American people again, not to her, particularly.

  228. Dana Perino — her summary — a few good lines, but basically he was on his heels.

  229. Don’t mention Dana Perino unless you’re talking about putting her into a trash can. Thanks.

  230. Early polls have Trump winning Yuge. I’m not so sure. First time I’ve seen him really nervous. But he’s always rambled. I guess he survived and he’s a quick study. If he spoke as well as Donald Jr he’d have this shit wrapped up.

  231. Brit Hume —- Trump started strong, but ran into trouble on birther issue and tax returns.
    Trump’s mugging was problematic. Clinton looked composed but smug.

  232. You are either for Trump or a corrupt bitch! The debate won’t change any minds,

  233. Make America great again. But not a great debate. A lot of personal attacks. Hillary lied a lot and Donald did not step on her enough. Her claim of greatness as Senator for NY, was bullshit.
    He could have banged her on that. I’ll give the win to Donald.

  234. Juan Williams — Trump on defensive,t he got good shots in on TPP but dropped the ball on emails.

    He used a boxing analogy, like myself, and said he didn’t lay good leather on her.

  235. Megyn Kelly – he didn’t take advantage of her vulnerabilities.

  236. Interview with Hannity on Fox.

    Trump needs to spend a weekend before the next debate holed up with Rush, Sean and Mark Levin.

  237. “Megyn Kelly – he didn’t take advantage of her vulnerabilities.”

    And when he does, she’ll call him a misogynist. lolol

  238. The truth is, he got A LOT of shots in, but he tends to ramble and digress rather than just give short jabs and leave it alone.
    He’s cursed with the fact that his style is to repeat himself.
    He’s like Jimmy 2-Times in Goodfellas – I’m gonna get the papers, get the papers.

  239. Trying to vote on Drudge.
    Lots of web traffic.
    I lied and said Trump won the debate.
    I’m always honest here though. 🙂
    Trust the chihuahua…

  240. He struggled but that will help him next time

    He needs to get specific and nail her when she gives him an opening

  241. She just used that wipe to erase Trump. He was not prepared at all. He could have taken her down at least 10 different times and he didn’t. He treated this debate like a rally. It was the wrong approach. If he doesn’t learn from this, he’s finished. God help us.

  242. Clinton’s bus boy – Obama.

    AAGH! He mentioned Rosie O’Donnell. Egad!

    Trump was scatter gun but he hit the mark most of the time.

    Hellary was passive aggressive most of the time and it didn’t work so well.

  243. If you watch it with your filters on, he did fine- according to my friends on Facebook. (I didn’t watch)
    And when they start the fact checking of hillary’s lies, it’s not going to be good for her.
    She can do all the smirking and blinking she wants. Facts are facts.

  244. Drudges poll hasn’t updated since the debate barely began.
    I smell shenanigans because everyone knew trump was going to come up the winner there.
    So the freakin hackers shut it down.

  245. Love ya Abby. But Trump totally blew it tonight. Maybe he should stop talking and do more listening to Kellyanne and Bannon.

    Disregard Hillary’s happy talk and rip off her mask.

    But Reagan lost his first debate against Mondale. But hope is fading.

    Anyone want to buy a nice property in Virginia on 6 acres with a fully equipped wood shop/man cave with televisions and a beer fridge?

  246. No one remembers the first debate. If he’s going to slam her but good, it’ll have to be the last one and the one before that.

  247. Laura Ingraham just made a good point.
    Is the country on the rise or in decline?
    If the latter, Clinton isn’t the answer.

  248. The LSM will always give the ‘winner’ to the lefty. She could have fallen off stage and peed her pants and they’d still say she won. lolol

  249. Back to the rallies. Keep the momentum going with the polls. Pound the ground in Pennsylvania.

  250. We expect you to hammer the shit out of her Trump. Knock her down and then kick her in the face repeatedly until blood runs out of her a-hole.

  251. Yeah, I don’t know, could he have held back on purpose? I mean he’s a master troll artist and I just can’t see why he would miss so many opportunities like that unless it was on purpose.

  252. MJA: He didn’t prepare. He probably really didn’t think that she would bald face lie through the whole thing and the commentator would keep giving her a pass.

  253. He’s a businessman and not a politician.
    This is his first one on one debate.
    She’s done this 15 times (via Meghan Kelly).

    Talking heads right now saying he did OK and didn’t really hurt himself. They said Hillary did a smug shoulders shimmy?

  254. It doesn’t take much to take Hillary down, especially if facts matter. She was the same-old, same-old that every politician projects when they have nothing to offer but words. Trump was off his best, but Hillary did not score any blows, and provided no new inspiration for her cause. Personal attacks will not prevail. Nod goes to Trump

  255. AA, you are right, she went low first, and stayed low. She mugged and smirked and got all of her Trump smears teed up or asked in the form of a question. She had her whooping gallery and no doubt her earpearl buddies. They are going to do this same cycle forctge next two debates: Clinton releases smear list, MSM amplifies smear list, Debate mods turn smear list into questions. It became almost cartoonish after a point.

    Trump will not win a single debate. But he will win the election.

  256. Michael Savage lost his Radio Show to night on 77 wabc radio, NYC. He is a big Trump supporter. But they canned him.

  257. The miss with cyber security and her lack of knowledge regarding her email setup was a huge miss. He won’t get an opportunity like that again

  258. I was disappointed that she didn’t go horizontal for a minute or two, but I still believe her “illness” has been a head fake.

  259. I can’t believe it, but I completely agree with Charles Krauthammer.

    There was going to be no information exchanged that changed anyone’s mind. We’ve heard them on the issues.

    This was about taking a peek at how they looked and acted.
    On demeanor Hillary edged Trump.
    But because Trump didn’t make any gaffes, or go berserk or say anything stupid, he won.

  260. “He probably really didn’t think that she would bald face lie through the whole thing and the commentator would keep giving her a pass.”

    Oh no he knew. He dealt with that with the FOX moderators and he knows the LSM is in the bag for illary. And who don’t know she’s a liar? lol

  261. I am pretty sure that what we saw tonight was all the Hill has to offer. She pulled the woman card trigger much too soon. She keep that canard up, that’s for sure. This could have gone much much worse.Trump should start training tonight!!

  262. katiecuntric- yup. The worst the left could say is that he kept his shit together.
    And that should bother hillary the most.

  263. I agree Cunt (I just wanted to type that),

    He weathered her best and came out unscathed.
    Round two should be pummeling after some coaching.
    And the next one won’t be during Monday Night Football.

  264. @MJA. but tonight was worse than that. He stalled while lingering over his real estate successes. He didn’t call out Hillary for the deaths, the failures.

    I’ll say it again

    Any author on this blog or even a lowly commenter on this thread could have laid waste to Hillary. Trump was a no show tonight.

    Did everyone forget her deplorable lying, her serial illegality?

    Trump needs to up his game significantly.

    Could not he even utter the hanging curveball “what difference does it make?”

    No longer sure trump is in it to win it.

  265. By the way, I know a guy who doesn’t tell “big stories.”
    He was present on an airplane, a party plane, when Mark Cuban gave a guy a blowjob.
    After hearing this story, observing Cuban, it is very, very clear that Cuban is a closet case.

  266. Trump talking about Charlotte had to throw in the superfluous crap about owning property there.
    WHY WHY WHY!!!
    NO NO NO!
    JUST S T O P talking that way during a debate for crissakes!

  267. BFH: “I can’t believe it, but I completely agree with Charles Krauthammer.

    There was going to be no information exchanged that changed anyone’s mind. We’ve heard them on the issues.

    This was about taking a peek at how they looked and acted.
    On demeanor Hillary edged Trump.
    But because Trump didn’t make any gaffes, or go berserk or say anything stupid, he won.”

    Exactly what I just hanged up with my sister dicussing.

  268. OK either you can believe he froze like a boxed dinner, or he’s saving the shit for the last debate.
    I don’t know what to tell you.

    Neither drew blood and clearly everyone wanted Trump to cut her head off like a Highlander but he didn’t. So now what? Are you going to vote any differently?

    Call it even and send them back to their corners. He’s still Trump and she’s still a lying bitch.

  269. Now I gotta call my nephew Trump major supporter…

  270. And if you were still undecided before the debates were even thought about, you should be cutting your own fucking head off. lol

  271. Oh yes I di’id. I went there AND I bought property. 😀

  272. Cuban got really lucky and bailed out of the Silicon Valley melt down moments before it melted down. Make no mistake this guy got lucky. Lots smarter people than him didn’t see it coming, neither did he. He wishes he could play the game like Trump. He can’t.

  273. Trump mentioned something before the debate started about not preparing so much. Maybe he’s just setting the bitch up for the next fight. If they adjust her coaching to this debate and then he’s switches it up a bit, he can get her on the ropes next time.

    Plus, the liver can only take so much of whatever they are pumping into Hillary to keep her from coughing and going all haywire. Don’t think she will be as shiny next time.

  274. No @MJA. we are voting anti Hillary. It’s about discrediting her, making others realize that she’s working for herself, not them. You don’t win by preaching to the choir. It’s your national stage to persuade others to join your movement. Donald didn’t do that tonight.

    Opportunity squandered.

    But there are two more.

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