Trump’s personal assistant fired after gossiping to media about Trump’s children


President Trump’s personal assistant was reportedly fired after she made critical comments about his daughters to reporters.

Madeleine Westerhout told journalists at an off-the-record dinner that she had a better relationship with the president than his daughters, Ivanka and Tiffany Trump, and that the president did not like being photographed with Tiffany because she was seen as being overweight, Politico reported Friday.

Westerhout, 28, also joked that Trump could not pick Tiffany out of a crowd.

The New York Times reported a day earlier that Westerhout, who had been by Trump’s side since his first day in office, abruptly left her position after the president found out she had divulged information about the Trump family to a small group of reporters who were covering Trump’s vacation in Bedminister, New Jersey, earlier this month.

Deputy White House press secretary Hogan Gidley was also at the dinner, but left about an hour in for an interview on Fox News. Westerhout reportedly made the comments after he left.

Trump told reporters before leaving for Camp David for the weekend that he spoke with Westerhout, who told him she had been drinking when she commented on his daughters.

“She called, and I wished her well,” Trump said.

SNIP: ^^^ He sounds too calm. That should make Madeleine very nervous. LOL.

18 Comments on Trump’s personal assistant fired after gossiping to media about Trump’s children

  1. Trump’s weakness for hiring hot skirts is his Achilles Heel and his enemies know it. This woman is a Romney loyalist. How fucking stupid was it to bring her into Trump’s inner circle. JFC.

  2. @Txn, she will ALWAYS have a job. There are thousands of people who would hire her…probably at her door right now. DC Swamp = Journey to the Center of the Earth.

  3. Who would trust her now?

    The entire Leftist side of the country, she has done what they expect from someone on their side.

  4. Apparently they vetted this former Romney employee even less than any of the contestants on “The Apprentice”.

  5. What a weak POS.

    As for her making money, you can be sure she signed a nondisclosure agreement. Anything romney is weak and akin to the rat spartan wanna-be in the movie 300.

  6. She is deservedly gone, but I don’t see anyone in our wonderful media commenting on the reporter that published the conversation that was “off the record.” Anyone agreeing to interviews off the record should keep in mind that there is no honor left among the “journalists”. Talk at your peril.

  7. I’m sure that Trump wished her well in the phone call. Then about 5 seconds after he hung up she got another call from Trumps lawyers. After the call ended 15 minutes later she toddled off to change her underwear and pants throwing both away (and wishing she hadn’t worn g-string panties) along with the chair she was sitting on, projectile vomited for another 5 minutes before curling up into a fetal ball and moaning for another 2 hours. I don’t think you have to worry about her writing a book or doing any interviews.

  8. President Trump really needs to find someone he can trust to the very end to root out and get rid of ALL these RINO betrayers within his “inner circle”. He also needs to have someone figure out who among his advisors is a secret RINO scorpion who has foisted these traitors upon him. I think he should trust absolutely NO swamp (r).


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